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Transiting Mars has been in retrograde since September 9, 2020. Mars has been in the sign of Aries which is its natural placement. Mars will return to direct motion on November 14, 2020.

Mars traditionally is suggestive of energy directed outward. During its retrograde cycle, those affected by this transit may have felt stagnated in their efforts and with little or no energy. This is particularly true if you have a natal planet in conjunction (the most powerful aspect), square or opposition to transiting Mars.

The energy is turned inward, which is not a comfortable expression for Mars. You may have felt as though you could not release your inner drive and motivate yourself in a forward direction. You may feel a release of energy once it turns direct again and whatever you may have felt being held back, may now come to the forefront and be released. Make sure that the release of these energies is not let lose in too much of an aggressive manner, even if you have felt thwarted in the past.

If, for example, you have had a conjunction with the Moon, you may have felt as though your emotions have been on hold or even though you had strong inner emotions to life’s events and situations, you have not been able to release them. This could include wanting to make a change in your life.

Your emotions have been so stifled that it has kept you at bay and nothing seemed to move the way you wanted it to. All you really wanted to do was to express how you felt on an emotion level but this did not happen. After Mars turns direct, you may now be able to do what you have wanted to do for what seemed like an eternity.

If Saturn were involved in the equation, Saturn’s energies would possibly have worked to your advantage as you may have needed this retrograde cycle to examine all the details before plunging into some activity. This was a time for review and examining all the details to make sure that you were sure footed enough before you moved ahead. Saturn normally restricts action and suggests that you build a proper foundation before you move ahead and your drive might have been held back so you could make things right. Once Mars goes direct again, you may be ready to move ahead in your endeavours.

Mars is also about sexual energies and sexual drive and you may have felt as though you were stifled in this area as well. Perhaps you wanted to pursue a sexual union with someone you were interested in and the timing never seemed appropriate. You may find once Mars goes direct that things move along in ways that were previously stagnated or held back. Just make sure that your feelings go beyond sex and that you actually care about this individual. Mars tends to be overly aggressive when it comes to sex and the sexual drive, especially when it moves through Scorpio or Aries.

Check which houses transiting Mars is moving through as these will be areas of life involved in the process. Also you will need to know which houses are involved with other planetary energies and how they may surface or fail to surface during the retrograde cycle and again when Mars goes direct.

The placement of natal Mars by house position will also be highlighted. Transiting Mars may pass over planets or significant areas of the natal chart (ascendant and midheaven) three times as it goes through the retrograde and direct cycles making these areas of extreme importance. If Mars stations on a planet or significant point in the birth chart, these energies will also be noteworthy. Mars will move from 28 degrees through to 15 degrees all in the sign of Aries. Watch for stationary direct and stationary retrograde which in this case are at 15 and 28 degrees.

Enjoy the release of Mars’ energies in a couple of weeks.

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