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Mars and Neptune’s energies do not blend well.

Neptune’ energies are soft and gentle. Neptune strives to slow down aggression and impulse and pushes you to connect with something higher. Neptune discourages any ego impulse. It seeks purity and focuses its energies into directions that assist others. Mars’ energies can be aggressive, dynamic, and even a bit impulsive. Mars is drive and ambition and is self-directed and often involves the ego.

Since Neptune can put a vail of uncertainty over anything it touches, you will have to watch for being mislead or misdirected. Neptune can be deceitful. What you see may not be what is.

Mars wants to direct energy in some cases into self-serving areas. If you manage to persuade Mars to channel its energies into constructive, mystical pursuits or spiritual insight, its energies will blend more appropriately with Neptune’s influence, although this may be a challenge.

Neptune will not push. It acts in a peaceful manner and knows that enlightenment is not something that can be pushed into existence. Its energies flow when the time is right. We cannot push hard to achieve mystical understanding, although we can direct our energy in the appropriate direction. Spirituality and mysticism are a way of life and must be lived not forced. There can be no ego connection in our spiritual unfolding. Any eagerness to succeed may hinder the results and this is a challenge for Mars as it wants to direct its energies and channel it in ways that will assist in reaching its goals.

Be sure to take care of yourself during this transit as there is potential for the weakening of the body and its function. Moderate exercise programs are suggested and eating a proper diet is equally as important.

Neptune can have the tendency to deplete our energies and anything that is rigorous and too stressful will tax us physically. Neptune also rules drugs and alcohol including prescription drugs. We should be warry of using any substances during Neptune’s stay with Mars. Any kind of upper or stimulant should certainly be avoided. The body is very sensitive. We should also watch for poisoning the body by mixing drugs and using them in inappropriate manners. Substance abuse is a real danger during this aspect.

Channeling the energies will be the greatest issue during this aspect, but if you meditate and act for the greater good, you will have done your best at directing these energies appropriately.

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