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Its energies currently work well to build on our mystical practices. Neptune is the planet of mystical insight, spiritual enlightenment and psychic perception.

At present, many are experiencing a mystical unfolding that they have not experienced previously. Much of what is taking place could be attributed to the alignment of Neptune in Pisces, it’s rulership. It will remain in its own sign until 2025, so we have ample time to unravel its subconscious undertones.

Neptune is also known as the planet of illusion. It is important to keep at least one foot on the ground, although imagination sparks many wondrous insights. Find a balance between the two as you can be led astray during Neptune in Pisces or by its influence in your birth chart. Much will depend on what aspects Neptune will be making in your natal chart as well as what house it is transiting.

When conjuncting Mercury, the mental processing may be linked to spiritual unfolding. Mercury, the planet of the mind, needs stimulation to become reflective and it takes on the energies of anything that touches it. Those with Mercury in Pisces in the birth chart are likely interconnected to the higher consciousness currently in our world and they will know that there is more to life than work, sleep eat. Many are of a higher conscious mind but some can be led astray by their imagination, although for most of these individuals the desire for something deeper is a major part of their lives. It is important to remain open and this is particularly so for those under this influence.

This is the time to become acquainted with your higher self and to find ways to connect to your loved ones that have passed over.

For those that are creative, this is also a time for creative writing, working with music and dance or theatrics. The mind is open during this influence and we can receive and use these energies in spiritual work such as automatic writing. Again, much depends on the placement of Neptune and your aptitude regarding this type of energy. Eg If Neptune is in the 3rd house, this is the time to write your creative novel, or in the 9th house, it might be time to publish your work.

Do not get lost in this energy and remain focused.

Life can become magical and mysterious as the door begins to open. We must have faith in ourselves and allow the process to unfold as much can be revealed.

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