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Transiting Neptune Conjunct the Natal Moon in Astrology

Transiting Neptune has been moving back and forth into retrograde and then going direct since the spring of 2013 and will continue until February of 2015 between 3-7 degrees of Pisces. If you have the Moon in this degree of Pisces then Neptune will have had a profound effect on you over this two year period.

Moon in Pisces is a very inspirational placement and most individuals with Moon in Pisces have psychic inclinations and often prophetic dreams. They are emotionally inclined to receive intuitive information from higher sources and are often visionary. They are emotionally receptive to the deeper dimensions and attuned to other people’s emotional response to the world. Many have a difficult time removing themselves from emotional interaction with those they respond too.

This is an intuitive placement for many and for those that have difficulty in this area of life there is often a tendency to live in a dream world trying to escape the more harsh side of life, often through alcohol and drugs. As the Moon governs the emotions, they are all wide open to introspection and have a deep seated emotional nature.

Neptune is in its natural sign in Pisces and is quite comfortable with this placement and when attached to the Natal Moon, it often brings Neptunian principles to the surface. Many will have an involvement with mystical experiences and practices during this time and undergo emotional interactions with the spiritual realms. If one is so inclined, this period will often produce profound effects and at times a linking with other realms of experience.

Neptune will also colour the imagination and because it is linked to the Moon, people with Moon in these degrees in Pisces may have difficulty understanding their own emotional makeup. They may react in different ways than in those ways that they customarily react and they may become lost in their feelings. The house this conjunction resides in will indicate which area of life is being affected. If for example the conjunction occurs in the sixth house, these types of experiences will deal with the working environment and your emotional health often connected to nutrition. If this conjunction should occur in the fifth house, you may experience intuitive insights into love relationships and children or have difficulties seeing things clearly, often putting these people (especially romantic entanglements) high on a pedestal. After the transit has completed its course, you may see this individual in a much clearer light and see them as they actually are.

If Neptune is clouding your perception and your emotional interaction with life, it is best that you have a second look and perhaps wait for a clearer perception down the road when Neptune is out of range of the Moon. If you are experiencing mystical insight and emotional interaction in the spiritual realms, this is the nature of Neptune in this placement and you should be paying close attention to the spiritual side of life. Is it telling you something?

Insight and intuition and emotional interaction will be highlighted during this time frame. Much can be learned during this very significant period. You can either rely on your emotional feedback or if you feel unsure then it is best to wait until the cloud of uncertainty evaporates. Check out the aspects to your natal Neptune to see how it is affecting you. If you have many challenging aspects, make sure what you are experiencing is real and watch for a lesson after this transit passes. If your Neptune is well aspected then the insights might be on target.

You should also check to see where your Natal Neptune resides, as the house placement and sign placement will also provide you with details into what is taking place in your life. In many cases, the spiritual side of life is awakened; and we can grasp its deeper meaning at this time so use this transit with this in mind.

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