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We began our look at transiting Neptune aspecting Natal Venus on July 25, 2016.

If Neptune in square to Venus in the natal chart, this is often suggestive of an individual that displays the more susceptible side of this combination and they will be the one that is infatuated with romance and they could place their loved one on a pedestal. They see love through rose coloured glasses and either over idealize their partner or are overly suspicious of them. In some way, their view on love and romance is tainted.

Individuals with the opposition are often susceptible to being used and they could over-identifying with the love that surrounds them.

Those individuals who have a trine and sextile will find that the people they are attracted to and those that are attracted to them will be reliable in their response. They will have a much easier time when it comes to love. They can be more realistic in their approach and may attract the perfect partner and discover a deep and true spiritual connection.

As with the trine and sextile between Neptune and Venue, this is also the case with the more challenging aspects but they may go through several relationships before the person of their dreams becomes a reality.

Many with this combination are drawn to people with challenging life conditions. They may take on the role of the saviour for others or look for others to take on that role in their lives.

The house position of Neptune as well as Venus will define how this will connect in a birth chart. The area of life, whether it be through communication with loved ones especially siblings (3rd) or through family concerns and route causes (4th) or in personal relationships romantic or otherwise (1st and 5th), and how Neptune and Venus will express themselves will be reflected by the house position. Neptune along with Cancer is often considered the nurturer of the zodiac, and with Venus in Pisces or connections between these two planetary energies a love for others is very evident. They love to look after and take care of others as much as they like others to do this for them.

Neptune aspecting Venus can also be found in the charts of creative individuals. Actors, musicians and artists will often have this connection strong in their charts. It is also found with dancers, interior design, and in general people that have a way of creating beautiful things. They can be lovers of the fine things in life. Their inspiration becomes enhanced when surrounded by water. A cottage by the lake would be ideal and they could use their vivid imagination to create things of beauty.

Again, we will continue this look at Neptune aspecting Venus in our next Astrology post on July 29, 2016.

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