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If you have your natal Moon in the sign of Virgo, transiting Neptune may be in opposition to this position, depending on the degree of your Moon.

Oppositions often involve other people and the Moon has a huge influence on your emotional makeup and your reaction to life’s events. During this phase, you will have to be aware that you could be highly influenced by others, perhaps by deception or you may have a difficult time seeing through a vail of uncertainty. Neptune tends to make life’s issues rather cloudy.

As mentioned, the Moon has a significant influence on our emotions. During this phase, if you have this aspect in your chart, you may find that you are experiencing odd or unusual mood swings. People seem to affect you even if you are not aware of it. If you find that your moods suddenly shift for no apparent reason, check to see who is in your surroundings and what is transpiring currently in their life. You may be taking on their energies on a subconscious level.

Your intuition may be somewhat off and although Neptune can inspire great intuitive insights and clairvoyant abilities, you would be wise to have someone who knows you well offer their insight before you make any sudden adjustments to your life. If your world’s view is obscured and uncertain, understand that this could be due to the influence of Neptune and life should become clearer over time as this aspect moves away from being an influence in your chart.

Your inner feelings may not be overly accurate during this aspect, and you may be reading things incorrectly.

Again, it is best to ask others for their opinion, but make sure that they are reliable and trustworthy.

If this energy is affecting a love relationship, you may find that you are having trouble seeing your mate with clarity, even if you feel you are. You may be putting them on a pedestal and not seeing all their little flaws. Eventually you may be disappointed to find out that they are only human after all.

The home and family may also need some attention as these are areas ruled by the Moon especially if the Moon is in the fourth house, if Neptune is currently transiting through the fourth house or if your natal Moon rules the fourth house.

If the fifth house is highlighted, perhaps this energy may involve your children or your lover. Your creativity might be heightened if the fifth is highlighted.

If the sixth house is highlighted, take care of your health and make sure you are eating correctly and exercising appropriately. Health can be affected because of what is now taking place in your life. Mental confusion is often an off-shoot of this aspect and can create energies that make it hard to diagnose illnesses. There would have to be other factors in your chart suggesting something similar with your health for this to be significant. You need at least three indicators in your chart suggesting something similar to each other to have an affect your life.

Make sure you are looking at life from a positive perspective, as Moon in Virgo has a tendency to over-analyze everything and tear apart even the best of conditions. Always focus on the positive in life as you magnify whatever you focus on. Although this may be a troublesome transit for some, you can learn a great deal about your intuitive insight and how the mind operates. The greatest lessons come from the most challenging conditions. Use the energies in positive ways to enhance your spiritual understanding and intuitive insight.

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