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The transiting Nodes take 19 years to move through all of the signs of the zodiac in an Astrology chart. It takes approximately 1 ½ years to move through one single sign.

As houses depict areas of life, the nodes moving through a house will define areas of life where we are gaining knowledge. We get a deeper understanding of the areas of life governed by the house position of the nodes.

Remember that there are two nodes, a North and South node, and they are always in opposition (opposite) to one another. Both houses will be affected by our nodes’ placement.

The Nodes are attached to our soul’s mission and we have come to experience life more fully in each area of life that the nodes are influencing in the birth chart. In general, we are here to serve on one level or another and although the Nodes definitely teach us valuable lessons in life, once learned and understood, we can offer up information and assistance to those that are interested in the information we have to offer which will assist them in whatever way needed.

The nodes are tied to our destiny so when we are experiencing our nodes in action, stimulated through house contact and planetary links, we have obligations to fulfill. Remember we came into this life to fulfill our life’s goals which are closely linked to the nodal positions at birth. We have to give a little of ourselves in order to complete our soul’s requirements, as we have much to offer. Our higher connection to self (from a spiritual perspective) and the earthly measures we take assist us in getting one step closer to our higher purpose. We have come to serve a purpose and to learn lessons through experience and to add to the greater whole.

We are at the controls of our experiences but often when the nodes are under hard aspect, or activated through transit, we may feel as though we are at the mercy of life’s events and life seems to have control over us. This is when we have to use our inner guidance, our spirit guides, our astrology charts or those wise individuals that walk this journey with us to work through life’s events. Many times the overall plan behind our experiences may escape us consciously, and we have to find the faith in the process that is required and recognize that there is something much bigger at work than what is obvious to us in human form.

The North Node always pointing us towards our objectives. When the North Node is transiting a point in our chart, it asks us to go deep into our lesson. It asks us to think about what we might want to do or where we might want to address change or gain through experience. The North node operates in the same fashion as Jupiter, so it offers us opportunities and provides us with good luck and generally makes us happy and more content in our life’s progress when we follow its energies.

The South Node acts in similar ways to the planet Saturn. The South Node wants us to pay attention to what can be learned through the potential rough spots that we may encounter along the way. It offers lessons and responsibilities and makes us aware of our liabilities. The South Node makes us work on these areas of life which are in focus and the energies of the planets that are being activated through this contact. Although we may have to sacrifice or let go of something, it also offers up chances for spiritual growth through these experiences and lessons that need to be well learned. This knowledge will be used as our lives progress.

Stay open to advice being offered from both nodes and use the energies of the North Node to facilitate growth in your life’s quest. Use the energies and lessons of the South Node with caution and care but recognize the importance of what is being said for your greater good. All aspects (regardless of which aspect it is) has something important to give. Leaving the door open to this understanding will allow the positive energies of all aspects to generate opportunities in our lives.

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