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Transiting Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2009 and will remain in this sign until early 2024. As Pluto slowly moves through the zodiac, it has a profound influence on the planets it touches, especially by conjunction, opposition and square. The conjunction in particular can be especially powerful especially when other natal planets are also part of the configuration.

In 2018, Pluto will be between 18-21 degrees of Capricorn and allowing for an approaching orb of 5-6 degrees and a separating orb of 2-3 degrees, its influence will have an effect on many people for many years.

Pluto brings with it transformation and often regenerates areas of life that are in need of dramatic and profound alteration. In many cases, these shifts have been required for some time now. Although these changes are often unrestrained, they will bring about transformation that is required to steer the individual involved in a new direction. The former life course was in need of this as it was no longer suitable for the individual’s growth.

These transformations could involve career changes, life status alterations, goals and objectives now at the forefront of our focus and a new found way of representing oneself. Capricorn is often about reaching ones objectives and these objectives are often career driven. Many that are finding changes in this direction have been working diligently towards reaching their goals for some time and now they are finding that the door may be opening. Others may find that although they have been formulating ideas and pushing towards inner compulsions or directed actions, other people may stand in their way (the opposition) or obstacles to reaching these objectives are somehow thwarted or pushed back (square) during these influences.

The area of life which will be affected corresponds to the placement of Transiting Pluto and the natal Sun’s position in the natal chart. Natal Pluto’s position will also give clues to what areas of life are being affected.

If transiting Pluto will be making aspects to the angles of the horoscope (Ascendant, MC, DC or IC) this could be a year of tremendous change affecting your own personal evolution (Ascendant) the home and family (IC) your relationship (DC) or your occupation and life status (MC). Quite often when transiting Pluto has passed over these angles we are referring to change take place and what was in place prior to the aspect comes to an end of sorts in order for something new to begin. Few will experience minimal transformation in these areas unless these areas of life only need slight adjustments.

When Pluto is conjunct the Sun, transformation and regeneration often have profound effects on the health of the individual. This is a time when one can begin a vigorous regenerative experience making the body stronger and healthier as time passes. There is the requirement of work on your part to make these positive changes. In some cases where health has been very poor, this is either a time of regeneration or in extreme cases a time of the transfer of energy into the next dimension. Much depends on the overall evolutionary preparedness the individual has been through over the past several years of influence of this powerful energy.

Pluto does bring about much needed change and those that are prepared to delve deep into the subconscious for answers may find that now is the time when this information is made available. Huge changes can take place under this influence and people make life-changing alterations to their life. Who you were before this transformation took place may be hardly recognizable once it has passed, particularly so when this conjunction applies to the ascendant positioning.

Take advantage of the energies at hand and use them to your advantage. Pluto moves very slowly and this is a profound influence in your life. Use it wisely.

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