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This post on the transit of Pluto can apply to the conjunction to natal Venus, progressed Venus and Venus in the solar chart. How we interpret the energies will depend on which house Pluto is transiting, its natal position and the house that Venus is in within the current chart.

Is this aspect currently in your chart?

Regardless of where these planets are located in the Astrology chart, Venus’ energy focuses on relationships and Pluto can have profound effects on the sexual content of these relationships. Pluto adds passion and intensity to sexual unions and although it signifies a passionate relationship, it will not be without some type of energy evolved around control issues. Pluto can be very compulsive, even obsessive and seeks domination and power. Therefore, any relationship which began under this influence will not be a light-hearted one. Your involvement will be all inclusive and the potential for transformation on deep internal, physical and emotional levels are indicative of this combination.

You are likely to have power issues and one of the partners may want dominance over the other. This is not a passive encounter and although the encounter will be heightened to the extreme, there may be some struggles along the way. You will undoubtedly be looking at an intense encounter.

How intense are you willing to go and what boundaries will you put in place?

You might have trouble setting boundaries with this relationship.

If this relationship is already established, you will still have powerful needs and will want instant fulfillment. There are no half measures under this influence in a relationship and if you feel as though you are not satisfied with the relationship, be careful not to be swayed by your desires. It is, however, a time when you can uncover any psychological interference that might need adjustment. Under the influence of this aspect this may well be the time that these issues surface. Handle the situation in a gentle fashion. Remember that sex and love can be sensitive areas and your partner can easily become hurt if you do not use tactics and deal with these issues from your heart.

Have a close look at your chart and locate Mars to see how Mars is aspected. This aspect will either make things easier or more challenging. Mars provides the motivation and drive required for any union. If it is in aspect to Venus in the natal chart, this will add to the flavour of this transit. If Mars is in a challenging position to Pluto, this could mean some type of confrontation or test.

I would be amiss if I did not note that you should be careful that you are not aligning yourself with the potential for violence. I am not suggesting that there will be violence but need to give a warning.

The whole chart should be carefully delineated to provide a complete understanding of what is taking place in your life and with this relationship, (if there is a current relationship). Without a relationship this could be a very frustrating time, but this too will pass.

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