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Transiting Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn and has been since 2009.

The Sun will soon be going into the sign of Cancer. Those individuals with a Cancer Sun sign in the 20-degree area will have transiting Pluto opposition their sun.

Pluto is a powerful regenerative planet that can speak of power plays and ego disputes. It can also speak of transformative energy especially when it comes to goals or inner changes due to the influence of the Sun.

Oppositions are traditionally known to have a somewhat malefic influence and often speaks of challenging conditions related to others or stemming from others. Watch for issues with relationships with superiors or issues connected to the more masculine parent. Arguments are quite possible but remember if you need to fight to prove you are right, it could be connected to your ego. You really don’t need to prove yourself, at least to others, and whether they believe you or not is not really that important. You can stand true to your beliefs and still not feel that it is necessary to prove them to others.

If, for example, Pluto is moving through the tenth house, then the potential for changes taking place with your occupation or life status might be in play and having an effect on the home front and with family. Significant alterations may be taking place and if due to Pluto, often the transformation is permanent. As a result, you will have to adjust your normal way of living. This might cause issues with family.

Pluto often pushes us in a different direction but in the long haul we will find out why. As life unfolds, we may not understand why things go the way they did but once we settle into our new way of living we realize that this suits our evolutionary quest much better than where we were in life prior to this time.

If, for example, Pluto was transiting through your seventh house then the Sun would be in your first house most likely, and the changes would have to do with a relationship of significance and this would affect you personally and others would likely see these changes. Pluto passing into the seventh house often points towards major changes that need to take place especially regarding your marriage partnership and sometimes this also can be speaking of business partnerships. These changes will likely be substantial and difficult during the transition and once again on a permanent basis unless the transformation in the works can be openly discussed and both sides work to make these alterations favourable.

Much can be accomplished although not without some challenges. In many cases, under this influence there will be little power over what unfolds. Sometimes we just need to sit back and let life lead the way.

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