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The sextile (60° between two planets or angels) is considered a harmonious, beneficial aspect in Astrology. It creates a natural flow between the planets\angles involved and is deemed to be supportive. I read once that sextiles have to do with opportunities, but they do not open up without activation from the individual who is experiencing this positioning. They say it is similar to a cross between a trine and square. The trine brings easy flow and opportunities, and the square suggests some work to move things ahead.

The sextile from T Pluto to the Sun brings opportunities and new ideas. This can lead to transformations with your path, goals and life objective. This can create changes that are necessary so that you are more able to connect with your path. Sometimes the sextile can be subtle and although Pluto’s influence is not a mild one, it may go unnoticed for some time before realizing where life is taking you. It is best to follow Pluto’s energies as it insists on a change of direction.

There can be great changes taking hold on a personal level where collaboration can be essential to growth and understanding. You may find that you are more open to new concepts and new ways of thinking that can change your attitude and build on what is in place or open new doors so that something more appropriate is allowed entry. You can make new connections with people that may be very supportive of your ideologies and help to encourage you to make changes. Your principles may go through changes and a reconstructions is in the making.

Remember the potential for new growth and a new you are at hand but you will have to promote this to make things happen. Opportunities are available but it is up to you to take advantage of them.

Pluto can be forceful and may not present itself in a gentle manner, but when we go with the flow and understand that the road presented to us is the right route to take, it can be much easier to advance with fewer hurdles.

Don’t be too comfortable with the past.

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