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Transiting Saturn is currently in the sign of Sagittarius and will remain within the last ten degrees of Sagittarius well into December, 2017. Saturn which is often linked to disciplined action and restrained conditions moving through the sign of Sagittarius (the sign of higher learning, optimism and philosophical teachings) will be testing our ability to focus through sometimes stifling conditions to stay true to our beliefs. This is particularly true when Saturn, through transit, conjuncts our natal Mercury.

The energies of Mercury in Sagittarius is very open minded and approaches life from a religious and philosophical vantage point.

Saturn will have been testing our beliefs that are linked to higher learning and will test our commitment by putting challenges in place which in turn will push us to reach within for some of the answers that may be plaguing us. Luckily, those who have Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius have the ability to rise above most of life’s struggles and maintaining a healthy outlook. Nothing much stands in the way of progressive thinking.

Saturn is the teacher of the zodiac and resistance to change. Saturn is always willing to take the long road to learning when appropriate. If the short route is more appealing to you while Saturn is making contact, you will find that the short route currently does not exist. Saturn insists that you not miss any steps and you will have to make adjustments along the way if this is your normal way of working through things. You cannot ignore any detail. Every detail must be faced when it comes to the lessons that Saturn presents to us.

If, however, you work your way through these lessons and you are diligent in your efforts and also stand strong in the face of adversity, you will come out the other side of this experience much stronger and a more experienced individual with knowledge and understanding that will stand the test of time. On a mental level, it may seem quite tedious as you seem to be tested at every junction point but you will learn a great deal about your inner resolve during the time frame that Saturn makes this contact.

The house in which Saturn is transiting will be the area of life that is being affected and the natal house placement of Saturn will also play a significant role in the events taking place during this aspect. Check to see how Mercury is aspected by other transiting planets as well as its condition within the natal chart. This will give you a clearer picture. Even if Mercury is challenged in the birth chart, remember that challenging aspects when applied to our life’s mission will be rectified over time and work like a conjunction or sextile once mastered. As a result, the challenging aspects will eventually work with us.

Mercury is the planet of the mind and the greatest tests to your mental energies will be during the time spent with Saturn.

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