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T Saturn now in direct motion (November 2022) is making a square to T Uranus (still in retrograde motion until the end of November 2022). Its energy is weakening however and those that have felt this energy strong throughout October will be feeling a relief as time passes. Saturn in Aquarius @ 18° and Uranus in Taurus is the strongest and those with planetary positions around this degree will have these two energies affecting their chart. Much will depend on the aspects from these two transits to their natal planets. A conjunction to one of these planets will be very powerful.

Generally, Uranus pushing for change & Saturn resisting change can describe a world that is clinging to the past yet knowing that a new beginning is at hand. There will likely be struggles because although change is inevitable (Uranus is always working towards an evolutionary state) Saturn will delay what is needed and place restraints on the progress that is required.

Uranus is not comfortable in Taurus (its fall) and Saturn is not overly comfortable in Aquarius. Saturn will be moving into Pisces in the early spring of 2023. Saturn in Pisces although this would not be an overly comfortable placement, it can bring security into place where vagueness and uncertainty needs alignment. Saturn wants something that is reliable and secure and resists that which could be considered ambiguous or illusive. Saturn wants facts and steadiness, while Pisces can be anything but that. It seeks union with faith and spirituality.

Those with this square activated in their chart Saturn will restrict energies where Uranus pushes for change and advancement. Saturn wants things to remain the same, offering stability and the tried and tested. Uranus known as the awakener wants to move beyond what has become complacent for growth through change (at times sudden change is required).

Saturn in Aquarius suggests humanitarian concerns or group involvement pushing for grounding and security. Uranus wants to break free of any restrictions, to awaken to new possibilities and create positive change after deep reflective consideration. Perhaps there is an element of restraint or a need to get to the bottom of matters before pushing ahead. There will likely be elements that stand in the way of progress.

We should proceed with caution, not miss any steps, understand all the details and know which steps are best suited for advancement. The outcome will likely bring more stability after a time of restraint and a strong need to move through anything standing in the way. Squares are challenging but push you to work your way through hardship with enough challenge that you feel you must correct the situation so that you can move ahead.

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