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Before we go into the definition of this aspect, it is important that you review the placement of Transiting Uranus as well as where the Moon is placed in your own personal natal chart. These will be the areas of life that are affected by this transit. The conjunction does not necessarily have to have negative effects if there is positive aspects between these two bodies in the natal chart, or if the Moon is very well aspected in the birth chart.

The transit between the Moon and Uranus does suggest some change on an emotional level that can be quite disruptive, particularly if you have been following a ridged emotional pattern where you have not allowed your emotions to be released or expressed. Any restrictive behaviour in terms of how you have been handling life from an emotional perspective is now subject to reckless and possible impulsive behaviour. Your mood can vary considerably under this transit, and you might find your emotions very hard to control.

Incidents involving women, particularly your Mother, can come under attack during this aspect. Things intensify and your relationship may go through some struggles, or changes may come suddenly out of nowhere. Sometimes you are the one orchestrating these behaviours, and other times it may stem from others. This can involve women in general and in the case of men with this conjunction, they may find that they are attracted to women that may be eccentric or original in their behaviour, particularly if Uranus is conjunct Venus in the natal chart or if it is found in the seventh house. Sometimes these women come into your life to help you move forward in ways that you may have been stagnating previous to this time. Other times they are just disruptive and cause trouble to the normal routine, although things may have felt rather dull before this conjunction but they will certainly not feel that way now.

The Moon has to do with your emotional response and your emotional needs. If you are supported in your life and you have been nurtured especially when you were young, your emotional expression would relay this to the outside world. You may be nurturing yourself and want to look after others and play a mother role or a nurturer for them.

If, however, your emotional upbringing was anything but smooth, you may have difficulties expressing your more sensitive side, especially if you have other factors in your chart suggesting this, such as strong Capricorn tendencies. Things may change during this transit and you may have to deal with either being taken advantage of, or you may not respond well in emotional ways. Change is what Uranus’ energies are about--required change and also freedom of expression. If these have been hindered, this may be the time for such things to be reviewed and changed.

The Moon also has to do with your domestic life. This could include your actual home or if you own property, your real estate might be subject to change such as a move or making changes within the home’s environment. Some look for cottage property and some just do some remodeling to make their environment more comfortable.

Watch for being too impulsive at this time. Above all else, this is a time to truly get in touch with your feelings.

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