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If you have a Taurus Ascendant sign around 12 to 15 degrees, transiting Uranus has been stirring up matters. Transiting Uranus has a powerful effect on us, and its energies often are felt as far away as 5 degrees while approaching our Ascendant and continues to have an influence as much as 2-3 degrees separating. Normally when it reaches our Ascendant within a few minutes approaching (60 minutes in one degree of orb) there is often something that happens in our lives that correlates with the action and intent of Uranus. When trying to decipher a rectified birth time, Uranus along with transiting Mars as well as the Sun and the progressed Moon will help to further identify the actual birth time. If Mars is also making an aspect which corresponds with Uranus, it is especially powerful and often an incident will occur.

Look at your birth chart to see where Uranus is located by sign and house as well as its overall condition by aspects to other planets to get a clearer picture as to what might be involved.

Uranus is known as the awakener and its influence often presents us with new and different approaches. Uranus calls for objective viewing of our life’s circumstances particularly our relationships when it is connected to the Ascendant and demands that we analyse these conditions. If these relationships no longer serve an evolutionary purpose, Uranus often pushes us in directions that could terminate these relationships. If the relationship is strong, it will go through a time of awakening. Both parties will usually have to make changes to not only themselves but also change for their mate. If we choose to follow these energies, the relationship, although altered, will grow stronger, refreshed and able to withstand life’s lessons with more vigor.

Uranus is often found to activate conditions in life when there is a need for change or a want to break free. Its actions are often out of our control and any resistance to the required change often results in forcible action from outside forces in a more vigorous manner than if we initiated the changes ourselves. This is not to say that we should fear Uranus when it activates areas of our chart, only that we should be ready for the unexpected and that change is pending.

Anything in life that has gone stale or offers little in the line of growth will come under scrutiny during this period. Pay particular attention to the house placement of Uranus in your natal chart as this is an area that will undoubtedly be affected.

Be ready for a change in your life which will affect many areas of life. As you have been feeling its effects, you are somewhat prepared for this to occur, but when it happens it will happen out of the blue, without any warning. Expect the unexpected.

It should be pointed out that Uranus provides change that is very constructive and although this period may have several upheavals and unexpected incidents, the outcome will be well-worth the turmoil. Allow at least 3-6 degrees past the Ascendant degree to fully comprehend what has taken place and take in the energy with open arms as exciting times are at hand. Change should be welcomed as it is directly linked to your evolution.

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