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Transiting Uranus Conjunct the Vertex

If your Vertex is between 10-15 degrees of Aries in your Chart, we would like to touch on transiting Uranus’ conjunction to the Vertex, but Uranus’ action will be swift and unexpected for any connection with the Vertex. The area of life involved will be defined by the Vertex’s house placement in your Birth chart. The Vertex will be involved in aspect to Uranus from about the spring of 2013 and continues to be influenced until the spring of 2015.

The Vertex is considered by many Astrologers to be a gateway or turning point to our destiny. When activated through transit or progression, there are often important people that enter into our lives. They are considered to be linked with our past and are often reincarnated individuals that have come once again to be involved with our lives. The linkage feels somewhat electric when connected to Uranus and has a compulsive energy attached to it. It is as though you are meeting at a specific point in destiny and have come together to complete something that may not have been finished in a previous existence.

Uranus’s action is often unexpected and is sudden in its nature and usually very disruptive. There is often a feeling that the meeting could not be avoided and during these times we should pay particular attention to what we has been wishing for as in some way this may come true. Uranus makes us act on impulse and often the individual concerned suddenly comes into our life and leaves just as quickly and unexpectedly as they first appeared.

Uranus has been moving in and out of retrograde over this whole period indicated above, so shedding this unique individual may not be easy, if this is your desire. Keeping them may not come easy either. Often when the lesson or commitment from the past has lived out its purpose, the individual will leave your life and often permanently.

This feeling of destiny awaiting brings to the forefront a feeling that completely encapsulated you and you instinctually understand that you have been brought together for a purpose or to complete something and this characteristically complicates matters. You may find it very difficult to let go of the other person until you come to the knowing that whatever you have been brought together to complete is now finished.

The vertex is always found on the western side of the horoscope (houses 5-8) hence its involvement with partnerships and people. Have a look at your Vertex in your Chart to find when it will be influenced by upcoming trends and other links in your Astrology chart.

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