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Transiting Uranus square the natal Ascendant can affect you in very personal ways. It quite often involves relationships, your occupation (especially if Uranus is also making an aspect to the MC), your home and family (particularly if Uranus is also making an aspect to your IC). There may be great challenging condition linked to all or some of these life areas. Uranus is always about moving out of restrictive conditions in life--anything holding you back and stifling your evolution on some level is subject to changing conditions through Uranus’ influence.

Uranus may also bring people into your life that initially may appear quite different than those you are accustomed to being with and these people may help to facilitate some change that perhaps should have taken place some time ago.

This square can be quite disruptive when it comes to close personal friendships and especially with your marriage partner. Some relationships break up all together during this time while those that are built on more solid ground will still go through some needed changes, but remain intact after this transit is over.

This transit could also affect your home environment. Some individuals with this aspect may redecorate the home, while others may seek a new place to live. This may cause some problems as things under Uranus’s influence seem to happen quite suddenly and often when least expected. Old patterns in life which a short while ago seemed quite appropriate are now subject to great scrutiny and also might see great changes. What once was, no longer seems to suit life’s purpose or seems to be stifling you. You will see some much needed changes to your life.

Sometimes people come into your life and they are behind these sudden changes that take place. These individuals may be the spring board that initiate the changes that are necessary, and you may find that sometimes they vanish from your life as quickly as they came into it as they have fulfilled their purpose. They are the catalyst for change and sometimes without these people coming into our lives we would remain stagnant for longer periods of time and as a result, very little in terms of growth occurs.

Although this aspect can be quite disruptive, it should not be considered negative. These changes and the need to break free and start anew or change direction is actually just what is needed. Those that know you well may have trouble figuring out who you are becoming and may not agree with what you are trying to implement into your life. They may feel that your actions are somewhat rash and impulsive and often things happen without giving anyone notice. This can be quite upsetting for those that know you as steady and reliable. There is a new you emerging and those that are not open to that individual may have to find ways to accept what you are becoming. If not, they may find that they are removed from your life, as their companionship now no longer serves any real and viable purpose.

You are more of a free spirit at this time and in many cases after this transit has completed its cycle what you knew as “normal life” no longer exists and a new course has been set in motion. It may take some time to fully appreciate what has taken place, but the changes that were set in motion during this aspect are usually quite beneficial. If at all possible, try not to jump into situations and think things out before you make a move. If life has been dull or you feel stuck and complacent, however, you just might need to make the change that is presenting itself during this aspect.

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