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It is not usual to come to crossroads. The new road can look difficult because we have not walked it before. It may even be frightening.

What once felt comfortable now may not be enough. Perhaps we or our partner has outgrown our relationship. Perhaps our career is no longer fulfilling or has become too stressful. Perhaps illness has changed our journey.

The first step is always difficult but have faith in what you are about to do. The unknown can be intimidating. Fear not your thoughts. Fear not the unknown.

You have the strength to overcome whatever awaits you. Do your due diligence and make an informed decision on your next step. Don’t be in a hurry. You have the answer but if you are unsure, ask for assistance. Ultimately, it is you that takes that step though.

Perhaps a change of attitude is all that is needed or perhaps a big change is necessary. Whatever is required, have faith and advance without any expectations, good or bad. Life pushes us where we need to go even when it may not look that way. You are at the helm particularly with your attitude. Allow and grow.

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