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Specific monetary and material goals can become a fixation for some people. They strive to achieve monetarily and often can become obsessive and relentless in this pursuit. Material abundance or financial success becomes their sole objective and some individuals will stop short of nothing to achieve what they set out to do.

Financial security is not wrong or evil as some would want us to believe. We currently live a material existence, and comfort and enjoyment are all part of this experience. Unfortunately, for many individuals financial rewards and positions of power only serve to pad their feelings of superiority and accomplishment.

For many there is an excitement of accomplishing these material goals but an unhealthy relationship with money can lead us to believe that more money provides more happiness, but far too often the financial rewards of “happiness” are short lived as are the feelings of security for some. Nothing seems to satisfy the hunger for more and they are never satisfied for long. This is when the drive for security becomes an obsession.

We can have a healthy relationship with money but for those who become obsessed, material success often comes with a very steep price, (including unsuccessful family relationships and the ability to truly live for anything other than increasing the bottom line).

For those that have climbed the corporate latter, and when the time comes to retire, do they lose their identity and purpose once they are no longer connected to their job? Are their efforts soon forgotten by the corporation? Does it matter?

During the ascent of the corporate ladder, many have mentioned a period of when nothing seems to satisfy them and an empty void was experienced that nothing in their lives seemed to fulfill. This can be a lonely and empty place where gratification and happiness just cannot be found because they were attached to an unrealistic source. Perhaps this is when we begin to realize that material gain just isn’t enough. It is then that many can begin to look beyond this one focus.

We begin to realize that happiness cannot be purchased. We realize that happiness is an attitude. We begin to realize that we can work towards security but we cannot make this effort the sole purpose of living.

We certainly live in a material world and have come into this life to learn from each of the lessons we experience here. Find security in whatever form it is representative to you.

Be sure that your goals include the ability to feed your hunger to experience, to grow, to love, to be truly happy without attachment. I believe balance is the well known solution which is often neglected.

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