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We are spiritual beings living an earthly existence; not earthly beings striving to become spiritual. With this understanding, is it really that important to make a name for ourselves, to become important, and to achieve in material ways? Are these relevant at all?

I have been asked “If I am truly a spiritual being, why am I even living under the conditions that I currently do?” “How can an earthly life be significant?”

Do not underestimate the significance of this earthly existence. It is our understanding that there are valuable lessons that can only be learned through earthly matters. A perfect example is “Why is money such an important focus in this life?” It certainly does not look as though money’s reign will be over any time soon, even though the system that is it based on clearly does not work.

Money, in particular, must bring with it valuable lessons for us to learn. It must rank high on the list and the lessons it teaches us must play an important role in our evolving story. We do not have to look very far to find why during this earthy experience money holds relevance in the human mind. On the plus side, money can certainly make life easier due to the system we have put in place, but on the flip side, we, through our lust for money, have created greed, hatred and corruption. Apparently it can (through our actions) live up to its name of being the route to all evil. Again, on the other side of the coin, money can (again through our actions) foster the art of giving and learning lessons of gratitude. We can, therefore, learn much from a life of influence from our very response to wealth.

So who are we? Are we an accumulation of what we have achieved – of what we own? Are we the face we show to the world in material terms?

Are we a blending of our life’s experiences and our acquaintances? We become who we want to become, although it takes a life time to get there, at least for those who innately understand the concept of creating self. If you do not like whom you feel you are, you can change that through self-study and action but most of all through attitude.

Too many people expect others to create that desired change, to make all the moves and to help correct any signature personality traits that we have acquired over time. This only serves to diminish our responsibility of our own actions and the earthly personality that we have created. We shrug off responsibility for our lives and who we have become. In order to grow and move forward, we must accept that it is our responsibility to do what we see fit. Who we are now is a reflection of what we have allowed ourselves to become.

Who are you?

You are much more than this earthy being but during this life, you are what you choose to become and you are constantly creating what lies ahead with your every thought, your every expectation and your every move.

You are here to experience life through a physical existence. Take responsibility for this life. It is in your hands. Live up to your own expectation and listen to your higher self, who is alive and well within.

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