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As you begin acknowledging your abilities, whatever they may be, it is important to follow through and to recognize, that although they appear to be just surfacing, they have been lying dormant waiting for this acknowledgement.

Do not deny these abilities. Provide them with whatever ingredients necessary so that they can blossom.

Far too often, we notice these abilities are starting to flourish but are hesitant to accept them and we question our abilities. Some of us may feel unworthy. Some simply cannot believe that they are capable and will dismiss their abilities over and over again.

In most cases, these abilities are not going to go away. It is time to explore these avenues of expression. The push to recognize and utilize our abilities will continue to return to us with some frequency even when our minds tell us that these can’t be.

Our talents are real. Accept the fact that this is happening to you. It is time and you are ready!

Our ego interferes vehemently regardless of our potential. Move beyond ego to that part of you that knows. Stop fighting the process. You are ready for this whether you believe it or not. It would not be happening if it were not time.

These abilities are far from being foreign to you; they have just been dormant waiting to begin anew. These abilities do not make us special in any way.

You are worthy.

Everyone has their own unique part to play. We all hold key ingredients that foster growth not only for us but also for all those we share this experience with. Reach out to like minds. Share you experiences. Those that connect with us bring confirmation for us. With sharing our abilities with others, we enhance these abilities even further.

Practice sharing your gifts frequently. With practice comes confidence.

Remember your spiritual connection to all of life and your innate connection with spirit in your own personal world. Disregard the mind's interference as it is not part of the true you. Trust and belief.

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