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There usually is no turning back once the door opens, even though most would prefer not to return to their “sleeping” state again. What used-to-be is no longer relevant and the new vision that is slowly becoming a reality is enhanced.

As you mold into your mystical or spiritual conversion (whatever you may want to call it) and meld into whom you have always been meant to become, much of the struggle seems to pass (even though we are not insinuating that this journey is easy.....far from it). The lessons learned and the self-realization process falls into place much easier than they did in the beginning. You are changing. What once was seems to be long ago. The past may even seem like a concept that virtually no longer exists or at the very least, holds little relevance during today’s experience. Who you believed yourself to be or what you identified with is no longer reality and the changes that have taken place over time have been quite significant.

You see life through new eyes. The treasures that were once a big part of your life no longer seem important. Your goals have changed significantly and your visions of the future are not as important as living today. You are reaching the moment and finding yourself. This is your true journey.

For those just beginning this marvelous path, stay tuned to the realization of the energies that are ever-present and surrounding you. Self-realization can be difficult in the beginning, and you will make changes that at some point in your life you never realized needed addressing. The process is usually slow but continuous and as mentioned once the door opens, it is next to impossible to close. Some of us will go through periods of huge transformation and although these periods are most certainly enlightening, they are also profound and almost too much to handle at times.

Remember your will never be given more than you are able to deal with. Do not attempt to hurry the process. We all move at our own pace and the energies and awakening take their own course and time.

In reality it is a privilege to be on this journey. Count your blessings for this path is not for everyone. The time is ripe for this to unfold and we are all part of the process. Be open to recognizing your essential self and above all else realize that this is all linked to love.

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