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The Winter Solstice (Hibernal Solstice) took place on December 21, 2022 @ 4:47 p.m. in the northern hemisphere. As we know the sun will be at its lowest arc in the sky for our area and therefore the least daylight of the year. The good news is our day light will start to increase and our precious sunlight will return.

As nature sleeps and the light is low, we can use the long nights to reflect on our journey. Go inward and plan your intentions for when the energy and the light returns. Mother nature has always known best. Simply follow her example. Many species are hibernating or slowing down, resting and waiting for the return of light and warmth: the return of the energy that motivates us mentally, physically and spiritually.

Our current lesson is patience. Be willing to face the darkness and use this time to look deep into the shadows of self. Bring light to your darkest corners and fill them with love. Allow spirit to grow.

Is it coincidence that during Yule season (the rebirth of light), many celebrate the birth of Christ for example (known as the light of the world)? This is a time of celebration for many, whether it is Yule, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, etc.

We have much to celebrate. Be filled with promise, with faith in all that is. Practice gratitude, share love and utilize your inner healing light!

Blessings to all!

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