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A Venus return chart that closely matches the natal chart by sign and degree signifies an important year.

Venus’ cycle is approximately one year, a little over or under by roughly one month depending on the year. The house position and aspects and especially contacts with the angles define what type of return can be anticipated.

When deciphering a Venus return remember to take into consideration that this is a chart which has to do with Venetian matters. These matters will have an influence on love and affection and often speaks of a love interest. Sometimes it speaks of the daughter or a young important female and in some cases on a wider scale is representative of women in general.

Venus also has to do with social activities such as marriage and social events such as parties and engagements of importance. Venus also has to do with popularity and material objects such as gifts and acquisitions often referred to as elegant or pleasing to the eye.

The house Venus is located in within the Venus return will be an area of interest and much can be said with regards to what this period will be about by its house position. The Ascendant and the placement of its ruler also help uncover the potential that lies within this Venus return chart.

The aspects which Venus receives from other planets in this chart define how positive or challenging this period might be. However, it should be noted that Venus in many cases helps to alleviate some conditions especially when linked favourably to the Sun, Jupiter and the Ascendant. Challenging aspects to Venus in the return can affect love connections and also finances but favourable aspects will also affect these areas in a complimentary and positive manner.

Remember all challenges found in any chart are put in place to be resolved and they are the ones that hold the greatest lessons which propel us forward in life.

All returns are indicative of the beginning of a new cycle and are defined by what the return planet (Venus in this case) is about.

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