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On September 14, we will experience a Virgo New Moon @ 21° (which falls in the 3rd decant of Virgo incorporating Taurus energies with the Virgo tendencies). Transiting Uranus, the planet of change and awakening, is also part of this configuration making a close trine to this position.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign so this period has the potential of not only change suggested by T Uranus but also a degree of adaptability to the change. The energies/goals set at this time should reach fruition in about 6 months when we have our Full Moon in Virgo.

This New Moon should enhance near perfection to careful planning and goals. Remember it will take time to manifest. Organization and a steady approach is what is recommended and if you are not comfortable with a less than perfect product or result, realize that perfection is not always attainable. Do not allow setbacks or worry to stop you from working towards your objectives.

Careful planning is the focus here and perhaps it has to do with investments on some level where financial interchange is part of the picture. Perhaps something unexpected takes place during this influence which helps the situation. On some level you can expect the unexpected to assist in some manner. A somewhat sudden interaction is possible with the energies of Uranus taking part in this situation. Perhaps a realization or awakening of sorts takes place in a positive way. The trine from Uranus opens doors that might otherwise have been closed and eliminates whatever now no longer serves a real purpose. (Remember this influence has to be connected in your chart to have a major influence)

This is a positive time for those that are affected by this New Moon’s placement. Look for either your Sun being within 3° to making a conjunction to this placement or if you have other angles or planets in close proximity to this placement adding their influence.

Great energies are in place although natal potential always must be taken into consideration.

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