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Those with their Sun in the sign of Capricorn, which is a Cardinal, Earth sign, are known to be hard working individuals.  They have their minds set on reaching their highest potential which must incorporate lessons about responsibility and their obligations not only to themselves but also to others.  They are the realists of the Zodiac, and with their commitment and drive, they are often able to reach their objectives in life.

Material goals are often a big part of their priorities, and they are concerned with tangible results rewarded through diligent effort and consistent work ethics. These individuals can be overly intent to achieve, almost regardless of any intrusion along the way.  They plan on reaching that summit whatever it may be and learn lessons of patience which is acquired through endurance and effort.  They use the resources at their disposal and do the best they can with these available resources whatever they may be.


The Sun has to do with our inner essence, who we are at our core and our individuality which separates us from others, although in the big scheme of things, we are all joined together in the realm of humanity and share what we exude in our outward expression.  The Sun also has to do with our goals and objectives and the road we walk in this life.  It explains clearly what the motivating factors are in our personal experience and why we feel the urgency to move in any particular direction.  Of course, there is much more but this is what our Sun sign highlights.


Sun in Capricorn have their minds set on reaching their highest potential which must incorporate lessons about responsibility and their obligations not only to themselves but also to others.

Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn, which is known as the teacher and disciplinarian of the Zodiac.  It has lessons that will be taught throughout life, and the road that we walk connected to Saturn’s energies is often not an easy one.  Life for the typical Capricorn does not come easy although they do not often show this on the surface.  They learn about perseverance and organization through structured effort and building things that are meant to last.  They know that there is no easy route when reaching their objectives and learn patience. They understand that it takes time to reach the summit. 


It may take many years for a Capricornian to reach their objectives and later in life, they will finally learn to relax into life without wanting to achieve more.


They have a great sense of humor although rather dry.  Some can get caught up in what they refer to as their failures, and this can be humiliating and squash their ego.  Achievement is prime and they truly wish to attain status, and a life of fulfillment and recognition is important for some but not for all.  Inner recognition for their effort is more important and what comes from their effort is important but not everything.


Happy solar return to our Capricornian readers.  Stay tuned for our Sun in Capricorn 2023 transit forecast in the next couple of days.



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