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Transiting Venus makes a brief conjunction with those who have their Sun in the early degrees of Scorpio when the sun entered Scorpio. From about October 24 to November 6-7, 2022, Venus and the Sun move close to one another in transit until about 12/13° Scorpio. Anyone with their natal Sun within this orb and timeframe may experience a high degree of sensitivity linked to love and affection. This can be a time of more socializing and in some cases romanticizing.

Jupiter and Neptune will both be in Pisces in the later degrees until Jupiter moves into Aries on December 21. Those with their Sun in these areas (roughly 22° for T Neptune and 28° for T Jupiter) will be experiencing the trine from these planets. If you have your Sun in Scorpio in these degrees the potential for spiritual connection is heightened and the door is more open to exploring these areas. This can be attained through meditation, dreams and/or any psychic exploration.

This can be a great time for self-reflection to open doors to unexplored areas, and much can be gained by honest reflection. Neptune can open the doors to perception while Jupiter’s expansive energies can build on what is already there or help to activate these energies. Trines often suggests that things are flowing without interruption and in many cases these doors have been ready to open. You can now move yourself into a situation where this can take place. This is heightened by the sextile from Pluto in Capricorn at the same time. Sextiles suggest opportunities but often need a push from within to activate its positive energies.

The only challenge to these energies will be the square from T Saturn in the same degrees at around the same time frame. T Saturn moves from 18/19° Aquarius to 29° into early March, 2023. Squares from Saturn suggest some struggles and perhaps some delays, setbacks or extra work, but although the square from Saturn suggests hinderance its rewards for hard work and diligent effort is concrete and stands the test of time as we begin to work through its difficulties. Squares are challenging enough that they force us into action.

Much will depend on the houses involved and the rest of the planets being enhanced by transit during this time. A full detailed report is required to get the full picture of the potential but this is the influence suggested by these particular aspects at this time.

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