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This title was specifically chosen to draw your attention.

In reality, the soul does not need cleansing. It is the human portion of our being that might be in need of some cleansing. By “cleansing” we mean the need for thoughtful change.

Let’s sit down with ourselves and examine our lives. Are we living in harmony with our long-range plans for spiritual growth?

We are not referring to attending church or living according to religious beliefs (this is not to say you shouldn’t be practicing these. We must do what feels right our core.). What we mean “Are we living according to our own specific principles and to enhance our growth?”

We are connected and aligned with our soul’s purpose; no matter how the picture looks at present. We are meant to go through everyday situations and to experience the moment even through difficult lessons, but if there are undesirable events/situations next to us, we have the option of distancing ourselves if these are separate from us.

On a regular basis, it is important to take an inner evaluation, and with intent, make change where change is needed. When being honest with ourselves, we open the door to growth. We don’t need cleansing, but we may require realignment with our intensions.

We can move in whatever direction we wish, but in all sincerity, is it not best to move in a direction that will suit our evolutionary quest?

One step at a time! The old saying goes “Rome was not built in a day”. Self-understanding is very beneficial. "Cleansing our soul"; why not start now?

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Self-understanding is very beneficial; why not start now to cleanse our soul so to speak?
Cleaning Our Soul

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