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Today, January 25, 2024, at 12:54 PM EST, we will be experiencing a Full Moon in the sign of Leo at 5°. 

With a Leo Full Moon, this project has been your responsibility and its success is focused on you.  You felt you knew best & had the best intensions for moving ahead.
Full Moon in Leo

This is a time when you perfected what you set out to do when we had the New Moon in the same sign approximately 6 months ago.  If you did not work at your goals that you set, perhaps now is time to readjust or let things go.  It takes work to reach this culmination point and those that started but did not continue their efforts may now fall short.


If you did the work, now is the time to reap the rewards for a job well done or an adventure orchestrated into being.  This is the time to infuse this objective into your life and use what you started with enthusiasm during the New Moon in Leo last August. 


When in the sign of Leo, it is important to realize that this project has been your responsibility and its success is focused on you.  Even in the beginning, you knew it was up to you, and you likely didn’t ask anyone for assistance although it might not have been a bad idea.  You felt you knew best and had the best intensions put in place to move ahead, which would not only advance your cause but also affect others in a positive way. 


If you have a planet in close proximity to the Full Moon’s 5° in Leo position, either by conjunction or opposition, this Full Moon energy will certainly affect you.  This also applies to the trine, sextile and square.  The easier aspects can be used in an easy flowing manner, while the more challenging aspects will require some push to make things happen.  Check which houses are involved in the connected placements and what planets (energies) are associated with these placements (including the transiting Moon).


Transiting Saturn in Pisces will be in quincunx to this position indicating some adjustment to the process.  Saturn is direct at 5° currently.  Saturn can make things a little tedious so you can expect some delays or obstacles to overcome while proceeding ahead. 


Transiting Jupiter, which is at 6° Taurus will be square to this placement perhaps making the adjustment caused by Saturn a little more difficult to handle.  Jupiter, although usually a favourable influence, can also expand the energies in place, making life a little more difficult as it amplifies Saturn. A square is difficult enough that it pushes so that we want to find a solution to overcome the adversity.


Enjoy the fruits of your labor with the energies of the Full Moon in Leo and continue your forward motion.



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