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IT IS AN ONGOING PROCESS; Challenges are Stepping Stones

Life’s learning process is extensive and ongoing; it is a continuous process.

We may not be aware of the learning potential within our everyday experience. Nonetheless, opportunities are present even in the relatively simple, mundane routines and at other times, are obviously present in the over-amplified lessons. Learning is not always an easy process, and it seems that the more difficult the challenge the greater the lesson.

We always have options along the way. Either we accept and learn or we fight the process, place blame and struggle because of these practices.

We may build on life experiences with an attitude that substitutes anger and guilt for acceptance and knowledge. We take responsibility for our life and recognize that these challenges are our stepping-stones to growth.

It may not appear that way as we move through rapids of grief and torrents of pain, but over time these rapids relax into meandering streams of acceptance. Acceptance can become our life raft of strength, and we are able to endure any storm that comes our way.

We are here to explore the ebbs and flows of life’s lessons that need to be confronted and learned. Go with the flow when it is a requirement. Change when change is essential. Fight the fight if that is what is required and walk your road knowing that all obstacles will be met head on and conquered.

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Challenges are stepping stones


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