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In this post, we will focus on Transiting Jupiter Opposition Natal Mercury.

Mercury in the natal chart sits fairly dormant until it becomes activated by a Transit or Progression. Much of its energies deals with mental conceptualization and communication. The mind is ruled by the planet Mercury and our reasoning abilities and schooling often are influenced by the planet Mercury, its sign position, house location as well as the aspects from other planets it receives in the Natal chart.

If Mercury is poorly aspected or better still challenged by natal positioning this often indicates someone who may have difficulty concentrating, difficulty with the written word, perhaps difficulty with speaking (i.e. stuttering), etc. This can indicate challenges with communication in general. This is likely corrected and dealt with accordingly as they age and learn to adapt to these difficulties.

On the contrary, those with a well-aspected Natal Mercury may have no problem speaking and relating to others and may even have teaching capabilities. They may be well educated and may also be studious. Some may have literary abilities becoming writers, public speakers and so forth. The mind works well, and the IQ may be higher than the norm. They may be good at solving problems, able to communicate easily or easier than others and in some cases (Mercury in Scorpio for example) may be considered deep thinkers.

Jupiter is nearly always considered a positive aspect in that it engages itself through expansion and growth on many levels. It often indicates opportunities when in transit, and life flowing in a more pleasant manner. Jupiter can bring important forethought when connected to Mercury, an ability for increase in oral communication, speech and vocabulary explorations and more ways of communicating. The mind and the intellect may be enhanced, and new ideas may come to the surface easily. New ways of doing things may also emerge as well as opportunities for growth in fields such as literature, education, clergy or religious inclinations, spirituality, and life’s philosophy learned through life’s experience. We can move forward in great strides when Mercury is stimulated by Jupiter.

Although the Opposition is considered one of the more challenging aspects in Astrology, not many planets can affect Natal Jupiter negatively. While in transit, it often produces potential for growth and expansion on some level. The house position and sign will affect the overall potential of how this may unfold and once again the aspects that Natal Mercury has to it will play a big part in the eventual unfolding of any potential.

It should be noted that even those with a challenged Mercury in the natal chart over time can turn things around and make their personal positioning of Mercury work in their favor. Challenges in life often produce the best results because they force us to work harder and learn from our shortcomings.

It should also be noted that with the energies of Transiting Jupiter in Opposition to Natal Mercury, others people will often be part of the scenario as the energies are unleashed. Oppositions often suggest that other people are involved, sometimes in a challenging way but other times it can be in a more gentle manner.

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With Jupiter Opposition Mercury, the mind and the intellect may be enhanced, and new ideas may come to the surface easily.
Jupiter Opposition Mercury


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