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We will focus on Transiting Saturn square the Midheaven.

When Saturn makes a square to our Midheaven, this suggests obstacles connected to our career, our goals, aspirations and our status in life.  Recognition may not come easily, and work can be disrupted or even challenged to such a degree that changes must be made.
Saturn Square Midheaven

Currently (January 2024) Transiting Saturn is in early degrees of Pisces.  If you have your MC (Midheaven) in the Gemini or Sagittarius depending on the degree of your MC, you will be experiencing this square in your birth chart.  Saturn does not move into Aries on a permanent basis until February, 2026, so you will be under this influence at some point during Saturn’s stay in Pisces.


Pisces is a gentle, peace-loving sign and thrives on service on some level.  Pisces is spiritual and religious in many cases and is a strong believer in the unseen. It goes with the flow and avoids conflicts of any kind.  It is the dreamer of the Zodiac and many with strong emphasis of this sign in their charts are the visionaries, the mystics, and the escapists of the Zodiac.  The escapist characteristics stem from the want for peace and tranquility. Many with a strong Pisces’ influence can use drugs or alcohol to escape, at least temporarily, from some of the harsher realities of life.  Of course, you will have to review the whole chart to see if this holds true.


Saturn on the other hand has to do with reality and security and the stabilization of activities often related to securing structure that has a lasting potential.  Saturn is also associated with challenges, stumbling blocks, tedious obligations to get the job done and reliability.  Saturn often indicates hard work and discipline and is known as the teacher of the Zodiac. Saturn pushes us to move out of complacency and urges us to stand strong again the pressures of life.


When Saturn makes the challenging square aspect to our Midheaven, this often suggests that there are obstacles in the way.  Hard work is indicated, and setbacks are often part of the picture.  This can lead to concern and worry about where life is taking us, especially connected to our career, our goals, aspirations and our status in life.  Recognition may not come easily, and work can be disrupted or even challenged to such a degree that changes must be made.  There are no shortcuts, and you will not find the road easy.


If, however, you decide to challenge the situation and work towards building a solid foundation that appears to be falling apart, the rewards for hard work and diligence can be great.  Saturn insists that you work for a result even if you can’t see the end game in the near future.  Sturdiness and stability are often built into what you have committed yourself to accomplish.  You will learn patience, perseverance and gain inner strength even if you fall short of your endeavors as long as you keep working towards an end result.


It likely will not be an easy road and much will depend on the natal potential and how Saturn is aspected along with the other transiting aspects.  Stay the course and work your way through adversity and remain true to your ambitions.  Do not get caught up in any negativity that might befall you and stay strong and focused.



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