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On May 7, 2024, we will be experiencing a very favorable New Moon placement especially for those with planets either in conjunction or in opposition to this Taurus placement by no more than 3°.  The energies of a New Moon signal a new beginning where we plant the seeds we want to grow in our garden of life.  It is the beginning of something that you might have been working towards or the start of something brand new.  Either way, it signals something new is ready to take its first steps.


In Taurus, the new moon speaks about creating something that stands the test of time, something that will build and grow and offer security on some level.
Taurus New Moon

This New Moon is in the sign of Taurus at 28° and will affect those with planets or one of the four angles from 25° of either Taurus or Scorpio to 1° of either Gemini or Sagittarius.  These are the placements of the conjunction and opposition.  Those with the square and sextile along with the trine may also experience a similar influence but likely not as powerful.


This is a time to initiate something that will come to its fruition some six months down the road when we are experiencing the full Moon in Taurus (November 15, 2024).  The Full Moon in Taurus will be the harvest of what has taken hold now and what you do during the next six months will tell the story of how things look at that time. We must nurture seeds to bring them to fruition.


In Taurus, the new moon speaks about creating something that stands the test of time, something that will build and grow and offer security on some level.  This has something to do with reliability and a steadfast approach. It is understood that it will take time to bring these energies into fruition and at the same time, understood that it will take hard work and a disciplined effort too.  You cannot become complacent and the effort you put forward is a direct indicator of the results you will experience.  If you don’t work hard towards an end result, you will likely need to either reevaluate or let go come the Taurus Full Moon.


The reason behind this push for hard work is that these energies have potential and are likely favorable. This is indicated by the placement of the New Moon which is sextile to Mars and Neptune. Mars is in the early stages of Aries and Neptune the late stages of Pisces.  Mars has to do with drive and ambition and is highly suggestive of the ability to really push forward with your objectives.  It is like a relentless force pushing you towards your goals and opportunities that are in front of you.  Neptune has to do with psychic perception and the potential of dreams becoming reality.  This is a gentle force where love and affection can be part of the picture, but insight is strong and a willingness to serve a higher purpose is part of the picture.  Together these indicators can assist in moving ahead, and because of the sextile, there is a suggestion of opportunities that are waiting but must be pursued if your wish is to make things happen.


There is also a trine from Transiting Pluto which is at the early degrees of Aquarius. Pluto is all about transformations and an indication that something is ending and that something new is on the horizon.  Pluto often suggests that there may have been power struggles and challenging situations along the way, but the trine suggests that the energies associated with this powerful force for change is in place and that it will take some time for you to completely see where this energy takes you. 


Know that something must be left behind for something new to begin and there are no halfway measures about what lies ahead.  The trine suggests easy flow and good fortune as well as opportunities at hand but expect some difficulties along the way especially if you are unwilling to let go of what has been in place previously.


Take advantage of the energies at hand with this Taurus New Moon.  Plant some seeds and nurture them.



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