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There will be a New Moon in the sign of Capricorn at 20° 44” on January 11, 2024, at 6:57 am EST. 


A new moon is a Conjunction of the Sun and the Moon. This Conjunction of the Sun and Moon also makes a Trine to Transiting Uranus which is at 19° Taurus. 

With the Capricorn New Moon and its influences, you will have to work towards these objectives and there can be no half measures.  Uranus, will want you to jump but Saturn will want you to resist.
Capricorn New Moon

The energies of Uranus are known as the awakener and the driving force behind change that is required at the time.  Uranus pushes us in new directions because our current path no longer suits our evolutionary process.


If you have planets or angles within 3° of this placement either by Conjunction or Opposition and to a lesser degree Square, Trine and Sextile, you will be influenced by this New Moon’s energies.  Check the houses of all planets and angles involved in your chart to get a full picture of what areas of life will be influenced.


The object of a New Moon is to set your intensions for a long-term goal that will manifest its energies by the time we have our Full Moon in Capricorn some six months from now.  Prepare yourself for what you deem important at this time.  It might be advisable to write your intensions or goals down. When we write something on paper, we set our intensions beyond just a mental concept.


There is a degree of indecision or hesitation when we are talking about Capricorn (which is ruled by Saturn).  Saturn is overly cautious and worried until its energies has been committed to something.  Due to Saturn’s influence, focus your goals around business pursuits and long-range plans. 


You must understand that you will have to work towards these objectives and there can be no half measures about this.  What you put into your goals will be scrutinized when we have our Capricorn Full Moon. Sometimes we can make changes along the way that better suit the situation although with Capricorn these changes may not come easily.  Uranus, however, will want you to jump but Saturn will want you to resist.


You will have to consciously plan your route of intension often bringing something new and exciting into life.  If you already had made plans prior to this New Moon, then you can look to see what is left to do to attain your goals.  In many cases, however, we begin something new under the New Moon energies. Capture these energies and use them to your advantage.  It is always more productive to work with the energies at hand, then to fight them and struggle with something unrelated.



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