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When Transiting Neptune squares our Natal Midheaven, this will be a time when we are very unclear about our career or social standing.
Neptune Square Mc

When Transiting Neptune squaring our Natal Midheaven, this will be a time when we are very unclear about life’s direction.  This can relate to our choice of career, as we may be questioning if the choices we have made continue to be appropriate.  This of course depends on our age. If we are younger and perhaps finishing off school or entering College or University, we might be questioning or unclear about whether we have chosen the correct career choice. 


We may feel dismayed and upset not knowing which way to turn. This can manifest as a feeling of being lost, at least for the time being.  The reason we say “for the time being’ is Transiting Neptune will eventually move out of orb and no longer present us with these energies.  During its contact, however, it can be quite stressful as we are worried about making the wrong decision, no matter what our age.


Since the MC or Midheaven is also about our goals and aspirations, these focuses might also be in reflux at this time. The goals we might have had before this time may now be questioned. Are my goals in line with what I now wish to accomplish?


Our status may also be in a state of flux. Perhaps we have just lost our job due to unforeseen circumstances. Perhaps we made a rash decision to quit and have now moved onto something different and we are wondering if we made a mistake. 


This position of Neptune to our MC cannot be considered pleasant. The square aspect is always difficult and presents obstacles to overcome. The pace of this focus seems to be slowed down or seems not to move in the direction that we might want it to. We may wish that we could do a rewind or at the very least have a second chance to make things right or better.


This is the beauty of Squares. They are put in place so we can learn valuable lessons and the square energies irritate us enough that we are put in a position where we must do something about the situation (They force action).  Perhaps we just need to accept what is taking place or perhaps we can make changes.  Either way, the energies are such that we feel the need and often have the ingrained attitude that something can and must be done.


We always have a choice, however, whether we decide to do something about what is transpiring or not.  If a change in attitude is the only option, then this is a choice as well.  Everything depends on your next move.



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