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Neptune in Square suggests that the energies are difficult to handle, and clarity is an important factor in determining which way to move forward or to adjust.  There can be mystical understanding and enlightening experiences after some strife and confusion
Neptune Square Neptune

Transiting Neptune squaring its natal position is a generational aspect affecting many individuals.  This is due to its slow movement. Neptune stays about 14 years in each sign affecting all those individuals with their Natal Neptune in that particular sign of the Zodiac.  It can remain in some signs a little longer due to its retrograde cycle.  Neptune takes 164 years to make a full cycle around the Zodiac.


When it comes to the energies of Neptune, the areas affected by transiting Neptune squaring to its natal position will differ due to the placement of Transiting Neptune and Natal Neptune in their respective houses.  The houses involved will be the areas of life affected by the energies which can last as much as three years, but the intensity becomes more relevant as Transiting Neptune approaches the direct degree of Natal Neptune. This usually lasts about 12 to 18 months depending, again, on any retrograde movement.


Neptune in Square suggests that the energies are difficult to handle, and clarity is an important factor in determining which way to move forward or to adjust.  The square aspect is challenging enough, however, that under most conditions, it forces you into action. As a result, the desire is strong to find a solution.  Neptune can fog our imagination and causes us to see things unclearly.  In many cases, a close friend or family member can be of assistance to help us find clarity.  In some cases, you may want to seek professional advice to figure out how best to deal with the situation. 


Neptune can also bring visions, prophetic dreams, and insight, but you must be sure that what you are experiencing is real.  There can be mystical understanding after these reviews and enlightening experiences after some strife and confusion.  Confusion and dismay are often apparent during this contact, and although difficult to handle, the energies usually clear up about 2 degrees after the aspect has been direct. To give an example, let’s say Neptune is at 25° in the second house natally, and as Neptune transits this position, things usually become clearer at around 27°.


Much will depend on if Neptune goes retrograde inside these degrees to calculate how long these energies will be present.  The first impact when direct (so moving across the examples area at of 25°) will be the strongest and when Neptune moves into retrograde motion (if it does) the last time it moves in direct motion over the same degree will signify that these energies are coming to an end.


Using the same example, these issues would likely have to do with financial security or security as a whole.  Depending on where transiting Neptune is (which will be approximately 90° away from the natal position) you can also be affected by 12th house matters or 5th house matters.  The 5th house affects security due to your children’s concerns, your romantic involvement, your creative expression, and theenjoyment of life.  In the 12th house, this could mean the need to bring things to the surface because they have not been dealt with or subconscious involvement that may need to be addressed.  It may also involve hospitals, places of confinement and the psychic realm.


This is a short and specific explanation for Neptune square Neptune but the whole chart needs to be deciphered to get the full picture.



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