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We will focus on Transiting Neptune square natal Saturn.


Transiting Neptune has a great deal to do with illumination, spirituality, the psychic realm, and the mystical approach to life.  It can also have something to do with illusion, confusion, vagueness, and uncertainty.  Much depends on the angle in question. 


Saturn on the other hand has to do with concrete results, reality, seeing things as they are, obstacles to overcome, hard work and a disciplined effort.  It provides rewards for hard work and is known as the disciplinarian but also teaches valuable lessons, although often taught through stringent avenues.


The Square aspect (90° angle between two points in the astrology chart) is considered one of the most challenging of all aspects.  It has to do with working your way through adverse conditions, the pace being restricted or life moving slowly when you just want it to move ahead. It represents challenges that need to be rectified or acknowledged.  Although this is a difficult aspect, it is challenging enough that it should push us to act and find resolutions to the issues at hand.


Do not get cause up in what might be, because the imagination is often quite enhanced and incorrect with Neptune Square Saturn. Move ahead with caution and look for signs that will provide assistance.
Neptune Square Saturn

When you take Neptune in its most challenging conditions connected to Saturn, this suggests that there is often a need for clarification and a reality check.  Things may seem vague when prior to this time you might have been sure about your next step.  You might not be very sure where the next step will take you and worry and anxiety are often part of the scenario.  It might be wise to get some clarity or someone else’s opinion before plunging into action, but to be honest, in most cases, plunging into action is not part of the process.  You will wish to examine things carefully and may not wish to advance at all because of the fear of failure.


In some cases, your intuitive perception might lend a helping hand and possibly your intuition may be way off. Once again, it is best to ask a reliable person what their opinion might be.  Worries and concern about the unknown are part of the process most certainly, and it might be best to wait until the energies have passed (which would be when Neptune is 2° past being direct).


The house in which Neptune is transiting, the house of natal Saturn and the house of natal Neptune, as well as the house cusp with Pisces as the ruler will help identify what areas of life are involved.  Also, it is wise to have a look at the aspects to natal Saturn as they will be activated as well by this placement. 


Don’t get cause up in what might be, because the imagination is often quite enhanced under this aspect. The imagination is likely not accurate under this aspect, also.  Just move ahead with caution and look for signs that might provide some assistance as you work your way forward.



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