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The first house is the beginning, a new birth or new start and each house forward builds on our transition through the houses in Astrology.
Transit Through houses Five Through Eight

As discussed in our post on February 26, in Astrology, the Ascendant is a new beginning.  As anything moves through the first houses, we begin again. Thinking strictly of the energies of the houses, without focusing on the energies of the planets, comets or anything else that migrates through the Zodiac, the first house is the beginning, a new birth or new start and each house forward builds on our transition through the houses in Astrology Part II.


We looked at the first four houses on February 26, 2024 - Let’s continue with houses five through eight. 


Our home and family and our heritage are now a part of us as we transit out of the fourth house into the fifth.  The fifth house is the house of children and romantic involvement.  In some cases, we decide that this is the time to begin a family and some Astrologers believe that the fifth house describes our first-born child.  We also look to find someone to love, and a romantic involvement often makes its way into our hearts.  Often, we also become aware of our creative expression, and we may begin to venture forth into these areas of expression.  It is important to realize that fun is a big part of life, and the fifth house is often where we address this.


We now move from the fifth house of romance and perhaps the pursuit of children to examining our daily routine. Topics of discussion may involve our working environment and those we work with.  We might ask ourselves, “is this what we want to do with our life?  Are the people that surround us on a daily basis, the people that fit our plans for the future?  Are we satisfied with how things are and is this affecting our health in any manner?  We may see all the little flaws in our working environment and ask ourselves, “is this affecting my wellbeing?  In many circumstances, we need to relax a little and let our nerves settle down and look to see if this is the right fit for us or do we simply need to change our attitude.  Perhaps a pet might help calm us after a busy day at work.  Just a sixth house thought.


The workplace and its people are important factors in our overall health and our financial situation, (this incorporates the sixth as well as the second houses which, by the way, are both earth houses dealing with earth matters).  We now move from the sixth house into our seventh house which, first and foremost, has to do with our relationships.  This can be relationships with our co-workers but pertains more directly to our relationships with important people in life such as our partners.  Life is certainly moving ahead, and our partner now can become an important factor in life as we progress.  We need to share our lives with those that matter, and this is where we learn about cooperation, balance and how to create harmony within relationships with others.  We may even think about starting our own business with the help of or through a joint relationship with someone.  We need to feel whole, and we also need things to be fair. Sometimes we will need to watch for open enemies within that core group.  This is not always the case but worth mentioning. Often your partner helps with any conditions that might surface as you move ahead in your endeavors. 


We now have our work situation hopefully figured out and our relationship with our partner is healthy. If not, now as we begin to share resources, we might need to have a deep reflective period where we can analysis what it is that we want and need.  Some find that an interest arises in occult matters due to the deep inner reflection that often takes place during this phase of development in our eighth house.  Sometimes something needs to be reborn at this time and in some cases, we lose something or someone that matters, but without this stage, we cannot evolve and transform towards our life objectives and/or find who we truly are.  This is an explorative life, and we are embarking on this journey to find meaning and truth.


We will finish our journey through the houses in our next Astrology post on March 4.



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