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As discussed in our posts on February 26 & 28, thinking strictly of the energies of the houses, without focusing on the energies of the planets, comets or anything else that migrates through the Zodiac, there is a progression of learning which we build on as we transit the houses.


We looked at the first four houses on February 26, 2024, and the fifth through the eighth on February 28,


Thinking strictly of the energies of the houses, without focusing on the energies of the planets, comets or anything else that migrates through the Zodiac, there is a progression of learning which we build on as we transit the houses. Let’s look at the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th.
9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Houses

Let’s finish with the ninth through the twelfth houses. 


As we enter the ninth house, we should find our answers through a transformation that is in the process, because we are now going through a stage of higher learning and reaching out to find a philosophy that fits our growth.  We are expanding our consciousness and learning about the mystical side of life.  Some begin to venture into uncharted territory of religion, and some learn about the higher education that comes from life.  This may be a time for travel and a time to learn about foreign cultures. We may want to see how others live and recognize in many cases how fortunate we are.  We should be optimistic as we move forth and know that the deeper we go, the further we grow.  This is a time (and a life) of learning. We must be open to what life is teaching us.


Through the teachings of life often acquired in the ninth house, we now reach out to advance our goals and objectives.  Is our career satisfying?  Is this the path we wish to take?  Do we want to make moves or is life in a good position, so to speak? Are we satisfied with our success so far?  The path in life can now become quite clear as we spent some time in the previous stage developing and learning about what we should be doing, and we may now communicate this to our environment.  We may get recognition for what we are doing, and in some cases, this recognition can become extreme.  Our place in society and our life’s status may be subject to change or we might realize that we should have put more effort into our objectives and now we need to re-evaluate.  Perhaps we need to talk to someone, someone in authority or perhaps we need to look to a group where we can share our thoughts and advance our cause.


This is where the eleventh house raises its head.  We may be thinking about joining a group to advance our objectives with people to share our innermost thoughts.  We search for a group that suits our journey. We might make important connections which eventually become our most cherished friends.  Our hopes and dreams may now have a chance to materialize, and we can move in a direction that not only helps us but also pushes the whole of humanity, or at least humanity in our little corner of the world, forward.  We know about the ripple effect, and we along with our group of friends, might be able to do more than we could as individuals.  This can be a time of erratic change and new directions. The psychic realm may be right around the corner.


Finally, we reach the last stage of development as we enter the twelfth house.  This is the place where we can rely on our intuition and insight and even dreams seem to have their place in our reality.  We need to let go a little and believe or just accept that there are higher forces in place now.  Do we need solitude?  Have we lived our life in a place of confinement?  Are we ready to trust?  Is there anything that needs uncovering?  Are we seeing things as they truly are?  We are now being guided, (although we always have been). The twelfth house energies make us aware after careful evaluation, and Spirit is our guide as we become whole once again.


What lies ahead as we move into our first house again?


We now continue with our building. This re-entry into the first house is a fresh start forward building or continuing  what we have experienced thus far.  Life is a magnificent journey of learning and building.  We are the orchestrator of our life and by our focus and thought processing, we develop the story.  Be sure to use every tool available to you during this life’s journey.  Astrology is a very valuable one!



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