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Despite all the pressures of life, we still need to advance toward a goal or objective in life to fulfill our needs for purpose and growth.  The goals we set will vary or change as we progress along life’s path due to significant influences from outside sources and our growth as a person. 


Your attitude towards life’s events determines how you progress or whether you stay stationary.
Pressing Forward

We can be (what seems to be) delayed from time to time as we make our way through challenges, but we must keep on putting one foot in front of another.  Never give up; there is always something worthwhile just around the next corner.


Your attitude towards life’s events determines how you progress or whether you stay stationary. Keep pressing forward.


Life will always keep happening, and you will have to adjust along the way.  Setting your mind on a positive course will always promote advancement rather than if you were to become stagnant or stifle yourself by concentrating on negativity which can take hold from time to time.


You can and will work your way through any situation.  You will survive and overcome even the most devastating times in life.  You are stronger than you think, and you will prevail with the right attitude.



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