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With this article, we will focus on Transiting Saturn trine the Natal Midheaven (MC) in a chart.


Saturn, even in trine to another planet or angle, (trine's energies being easy flow) will still suggests some challenges although this is usually indicative of hard work and being disciplined in your endeavor.  The outcome, however, offered up by the trine is usually more positive, bringing with it more staying power and the construction of a solid foundation for what you are trying to accomplish.


When we are speaking of the MC or Midheaven in Astrology, this is often linked to career, goals, aspirations and life status.  In many cases, when a positive influence is connected to the MC, you often get recognition for your efforts.  In some cases, this can lead to being published, especially if the ninth house is also part of the profile or being noticed by the public.  Much will depend on the enterprise that we are speaking about.


With Saturn trines the MC in our chart, we work to establish a good foundation with our career, career, goals, aspirations and life status.
Saturn Trine Midheaven

If this is your career we are talking about, you may find that your superiors have now come to the realization that you are important to their success, and you may now receive some acknowledgement for your efforts.  If this is your own business, although hard work and potential slow progress might be indicated, the outcome looks promising especially if other indicators are telling the same story in your chart.  Don’t forget you need at least three aspects in the chart pointing in the same direction for something to manifest and become noticed.  Without this, the opportunity may slip by with only minor notice or effect.


If this has to do with life status and the seventh house or fifth house to a lessor degree are also part of the profile, perhaps you are now ready to move a relationship to the next level.  Marriage is possible and an elevated status may come because of this.  Now there are two of you making your mark in the world in your own way. 


If Pluto is also crossing the Ascendant or making a positive aspect, this may assist in what unfolds or if Pluto is being challenged, perhaps some ego intervention or power struggles might be indicated.  Much depends on the whole picture.


For those with a good Astrological understanding, I would like to emphasize that because of the delaying effects of Saturn, you must give your MC position a 2° orb after it is direct for this positioning to have an impact in your chart. For example, if you have your MC at 23°Libra when Saturn makes its trine, it will have to be 2° past being direct so at 25° either Aquarius or Gemini.  You may have some minor impact around the direct degree but 2° after is usually when the impact is the strongest.  If you have other indicators in your chart, this degree may be slightly off.  An example of this might be using the same delineation of 23° Libra as your MC and transiting Pluto was at the 23° and Transiting Uranus was also at the 23°.  I use Uranus because it is often a timer in Astrology.



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