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We are focusing on Transiting Saturn Trine the Ascendant.

Transiting Saturn rarely makes things easy, but its energies do work in a more favorable manner when it is in its retrograde cycle.  When Saturn makes a Trine to a planet, however it often suggests that the potential for a favorable outcome is better than when it is making a challenging aspect such as a Square or Opposition and in many cases the Conjunction.  Trine aspects indicate easy flow although that flow will be disrupted because of Saturn’s natural tendency to slow progress down and delay the result.


The Ascendant is a personal sphere of influence in our lives.  It has to do with our personal expression and even our appearance, although modern physical adjustments have an impact on this.  The Ascendant is the way we represent ourselves especially when we first meet someone.  It is our outer expression while the Sun is our inner expression and who we are deep inside.


Saturn Trine Ascendant will build a more solid foundation with the proper effort and will secure things for your self-expression and self-worth over time. 
Saturn Trine Ascendant

Saturn’s influence will push you to have a close look at yourself. It will influence how you define who you are and whether you are comfortable with your self-expression and may challenge you to be honest about this to yourself.  You may even talk openly about this to others and may feel somewhat down about what you see.  Saturn will point out all your so-called short comings and push you to do something about them.  This will likely be difficult, but if you don’t cut yourself short and follow through with the hard work, your chances of success are enhanced but will likely take some work and time to accomplish.


Saturn will build a more solid foundation with the proper effort and will secure things for your self-expression and self-worth over time.  It may affect your relationship with others and make you more reliable and secure if this is something that needs refurbishing.  The ramifications for a job well done can work in many ways.  If the Ascendant is connected to the Midheaven, this turning point could enhance your career or if connected to the IC, it can make things better with family and build a more secure structure in the home environment. 


A full look at your chart would be required to get the full picture but in general this Saturn connection to the Ascendant is a favorable aspect if the required work is carried out and can help make many positive changes in life.



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