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Tonight, March 19, 2024, at 11:06 P.M. EDT, we will experience the Spring vernal equinox (Ostara). The Spring equinox is the balance of light and dark.

Along with new life springing forth in nature, we experience a fresh start in our own lives. This is a time of renewed vigor, an awakening so to speak. This can draw us nearer to the promise of warmth & sunshine in our hearts & souls, not just in the world around us

There is a promise of a new start, rebirth, renewal. Our world and our lives shed their heavy wintery blanket and light shines forth (even if there is fresh snow on the ground today). There is a promise of longer, brighter, warmer days.

Eventually, sprouts will begin to push their way through the soil, trees will bud, the grass will green, and snowflakes transform to raindrops.  There is so much wonderful promise.

Even without the telltale signs of nature, we know in our heart renewal is coming. Beyond the feeling in our hearts, in a more intangible way, we see the changes in the shadows, we feel it in the air, we hear it from nature and smell it in the wind, if we take the time to place our focus on these things.

Along with this new life springing forth in nature, we experience the ability to have fresh starts in our own lives. This is a time of renewed vigor, an awakening so to speak. This can draw us nearer to the promise of warmth and sunshine in our hearts and souls, not just in the world around us. We can mirror and utilize the energy brought on through the change of the seasons to stimulate and push us in our pursuits, new or old.

A new beginning is at hand with the promise of personal growth depending on the seeds we are now planting.

This is the time to renew our motivation, to push ahead and find outlets that can help us renew our commitment to ourselves for further growth, expansion, and evolution.

Spring seems to afford us the energy to move ahead more willingly in our endeavours, particularly those that we had allowed to go dormant during the winter.

This renewed vigor can propel us into new-found areas that may not have been available throughout the dark winter. It is truly up to us what we plan to do with this energy and whether we utilize it or whether we waste it.

Mirror the seasons. Take advantage of the energies at hand. Move ahead into the new. Reach beyond any limits. The only thing that is holding us back is us. We are our own motivation or our own stagnation. Growth and advancement are at hand.

What can be accomplished with these energies?

Nature is offering you something fresh and new to focus on. Nature has provided us with hope and renewal. Nurture your seeds and see what they will bring forth in the future!


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