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On March 19, 2024, our Sun moves from the mutable, water sign of Pisces into the cardinal, fire sign of Aries.  Quite the change from a sign of spiritual, passive energy to a sign of energetic, enthusiastic drive.  From a sign of “what can I do for my fellow man, leaving my own needs until last”?  “How can I help”? to the energies of Aries focused on “what do I need to do in order to move ahead personally and then how can I use this to assist my fellow man to achieve what they have set out to do”.  Pisces are gentle, passive, and compassionate while Aries are enthusiastic, energetic, and pushy.


Aries individuals are the groundbreakers, the entrepreneurs of the Zodiac. They are assertive & fearless when it comes to life’s adventures. Aries’ impact on society is to make society realize that what you want in life can be obtained
Sun in Aries

The ruler of the sign Aries is Mars, the planet of energy, action and assertiveness.


Aries individuals are the groundbreakers, the entrepreneurs of the Zodiac.  Ariens are driven almost beyond control to achieve what they set out to do and rush head-first into their objective.  If they fall short, it is often because of their “leap first” attitude to advance; however, even if they do have shortcomings with their goals, they are quite able to pick themselves off the ground and begin anew. 


They are very enthusiastic and eager to be the first ones in on a project. They make good leaders, but often, not good followers. They are assertive and fearless when it comes to life’s adventures and will stop at nothing to achieve what is important to them. They need to do what they believe is best for themselves first and then take into consideration what impact that may have on others later. “Me first” is often their attitude on matters. This is not to say that they are all about themselves (although to some point this is true). They care about others and in many cases are working towards something that will also benefit others.


Ariens can be self-centered and egotistical, but they truly believe that they know best, much like their counterpart Leo, who is also a fire sign.  However, Leo’s intension comes directly from the heart while Aries drive comes from sheer determination to succeed.  Ariens need to be in charge, and many have their own businesses. Success is important, but the act of going for it is even more significant.  Nothing is worse for the typical Aries individual than to not try.


Aries’ impact on society is to make society realize that what you want in life can be obtained, but you will need to do this yourself and depend on no one else. They arrive at this conclusion because they use this as their moto. 


Aries can be somewhat abrupt in their nature but are also quick to help others.


If you were to form a relationship with an individual with Aries strong in their chart, be ready for action as life will be filled with things to do and will be adventurous, almost to the extreme. You will not have many dull moments with an Aries friend, and they can teach you a thing or two about assertiveness and personal drive.


Happy solar return to our Arien readers.




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