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We will focus on Transiting Uranus square Natal Jupiter in this post.

Much good can come from Uranus square Jupiter but not without some form of challenge to learn from.
Uranus Square Jupiter

Currently (February 2024) Uranus is moving through Taurus and will remain in Taurus until April 2026.  The square from Uranus will affect those with their Jupiter in Aquarius and Leo.  Currently Uranus is at 19 ° Taurus and will affect those with their Jupiter within range of this degree and as it advances, it will affect those with the later degrees of Jupiter in one of these two signs.


Uranus disrupts the current conditions in life which have become redundant and needs change.  It can act on impulse but quite often we get indicators that something needs revamping as it no longer works as it should.  These can be all kinds of circumstances which will be defined clearly by the house placement of transiting Uranus and natal positionings of Jupiter and Uranus in the birth chart.


Uranus will create conditions so that you can break free and start anew.  Sometimes all that is needed is a change of direction in part or a re-evaluation of what is now in place so you can make adjustments.  Uranus is not like Pluto; Pluto requires total change while Uranus asks us to look first then adjust.  Sometimes these adjustments are total but often just reframing what is in place is enough to move in a new direction.


Uranus is known as the awakener, and this is what it does.  It makes us aware of deficiencies within the framework of our lives and asks us to adjust.  Sometimes we get pushes along the path and if we do not make the required alterations then Uranus can act in a quite overwhelming manner.  These changes are necessary, however, and over the next year or so we will understand why things happened as they did or why we made the moves we made.


Squares are irritating enough that they push us into action.  Transiting Uranus, for example, might be sitting on the MC affecting our career or life path.  It can change our direction or make changes to the way we live our life if it is associated with the Ascendant.  It can change direction or make changes to our marriage or a business partnership if it is connected to the seventh house, the home environment and family members if connected to the IC and the list goes on.  Finances are subject to change if the second house is involved, and communication will be adjusted if the third house is part of the picture.


If Uranus is in square to your Jupiter, then you can expect things to change in new directions with your religious inclinations, with your outlook on life, with your life philosophies.  Perhaps you feel the urge to travel or enhance your schooling and although the challenge might come with some adversity, your potential for growth and expansion, along with viable results, are possible if you follow through. 


Much good can come from this alignment but not without some form of challenge to learn from.



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