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the current inner planet transits are of interest to those with their Sun in the early degrees of Gemini or in the late degrees of Taurus.
Inner Planet Transits

We normally do not write too much about the transits of the inner planets due to their short-lived effects, but the current inner planet transits are of interest to those with their Sun in the early degrees of Gemini or in the late degrees of Taurus.


On May 18, the Sun and Jupiter align as do Venus and Uranus.  This sounds very positive.  The Sun and Jupiter together suggest growth and added potential especially related to goals and aspirations.  In many ways this alignment, which by the way is a conjunction, is the most powerful of the aspects, and places great emphasis on our inner journey and what we have learned thus far and in particular as of late.  Although short lived, it should prove to be an expansive, energetic time for those experiencing these configurations in their chart.  This formation is in place for the duration of May 15 to the 25 of 2024.


On May 20, the Sun moves into the sign of Gemini, and we posted on this yesterday and we will follow with Gemini’s 2024 transits in the next few Astrology posts.  It will be in effect along with the Conjunction of the Sun/Jupiter alignment just discussed.  Take into close consideration where this positioning takes place in your chart if you have a planet or angle near these degrees.  The house or angle will define the areas of life involved.


We will also be having a Full Moon on May 23.  Full Moon energies’ are an indication of the end of the work carried forward prior to this energy.  It is known as the culmination point and the harvest of the efforts put into whatever was started some six months ago when the New Moon was in the same sign.  As usual, we will also be writing a post on the emphasis of the Full Moon’s position in an upcoming post next week.


During this same period, Venus and Jupiter will linked up creating a conjunction at 29° of Taurus.  Together, Venus and Jupiter often indicate a time of fortunate conditions and favorable outcomes.  Love and affection may be part of the picture and a time of sharing life with others is also indicated.  Check to see this position in your natal chart if you have planets coming into play in the 29° of Taurus or in close proximity thereto. 


One thing that we didn’t mention earlier with the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on May 18, this often suggests that the unexpected can unfold moving you in a direction that is proper for your evolution and life’s path.  It can be under unusual circumstances and may come out of nowhere.  Expect the unexpected.


Finally, Jupiter also enters Gemini on May 26.  This is quite the favorable positioning as well.  It speaks of growth, higher education on some level, if not through the schooling of life, then through actual continued education.  This is a time of great learning and expansion.  If aligned with the Sun or natal Jupiter or even the Ascendant, it can speak of vital growth and healthier conditions.  Much of course will be determined by the natal potential found in the birth chart.  The Natal chart must always be taken into consideration as it is an outline of our life’s path and our most inner evolution along with many other important factors.  A natal chart is the first step in understanding our stay here on earth.


Enjoy the energies of these inner planet connections if they are in your chart.



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