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We will experience a New Moon on March 10, at 5 a.m. EDT at 20° in the sign of Pisces.  This New Moon is in the 3rd decant, and therefore, has some Scorpio influence.  It is also sextile to transiting Uranus which is at 19° of Taurus. 


This is the time to lay a lasting foundation. You can awaken to a whole new set of circumstances and a new perspective on life.
Pisces New Moon

Being in the sign of Pisces, and having some influence of Scorpio, there will likely be a strong sensitivity during this new moon phase.  The emotions are subject to fluctuations, and although those affected will be highly sensitive and quite emotional, their outward expressions will fluctuate from overactive to hidden or subdued. As a result, if you are affected by this New Moon you can be quite unpredictable but the New Moon energies can offer opportunities for change on some level.  Much depends on the houses involved in your own personal chart.


This is the time for change because what has been in place no longer serves a workable purpose.  If influenced by this new moon, you may feel the need for change but may also not want to ruffled the feathers that have already settled in.  You don’t want to disrupt things, but you know that a change is coming, and this is the time for planting the seeds for this transformation.  It is a time of new beginnings that can take about 6 months to germinate, and you will see some results (if you put forth an effort) during the Pisces full moon in September, 2024.


If influenced, you are sensitive and may find that you lash out without reason, but you should also know that outside influences can weigh heavy on you now.  You feel with intensity and can pick up on what others are feeling as your intuitive side is being influenced.  You can be quite psychically influenced and may know things before they unfold.  You likely will tend to keep these experiences to yourself however.


This is the time to lay a lasting foundation. Although the change to do so may be disruptive and unexpected in the ways it may unfold, you will find that over time it was exactly what was needed as you are now be in a place that offers some growth.  You can awaken to a whole new set of circumstances and a new perspective on life. 


Of course, the whole chart will need to be reviewed before a clear definition of what is possible as a result of the energies of this Piscean New Moon.  The whole chart paints the picture, and the New Moon starts the action.



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