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One thing is for certain, there will be transformations and regeneration from an emotional perspective with transiting Pluto sextile Natal Moon. This is an opportunity aspect so make sure that you do something with these transformative energies and work with what is in place.
Pluto Sextile Moon

Transiting Pluto will be in the sign of Aquarius for many years yet to come.  Those with their Moon in sextile to Transiting Pluto (Moon in Aries or late Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius or late Scorpio), will be feeling the effects of this positioning for about 2-3 years because of Pluto’s slow movement (about 1° per year).


Pluto’s energies represent change and transformation due to the changes it brings to life.  It speaks of the end of conditions and the beginning of something new.  The end can relate to death of a person or the end of a situation and is often viewed as challenging until it passes which as mentioned can take some time.  Some individuals begin to feel the energies of Pluto as far away as 3-5° prior to being exact which could be up to and including 3-5 years prior to exactitude. 


Pluto brings with it evolution and is in place to eliminate things that are no longer suitable for your personal journey in life.  Some things need completion, and this is what Pluto does; it ends things.  There can be disputes and ego collapse. These can be quite intense as time passes and the intensity continues until we begin to adjust to whatever new has taken hold in our lives.  It is best in most cases to go with the flow of change.


The Moon has to do with our family, our need for nurturing and the need to nurture. It is closely linked with our emotional state.  The natal aspects to the Moon play a huge part in our emotional behavior and our reaction from an emotional standpoint.  The house placement of the Moon speaks of the area of life that is under emotional focus while the sign of the Moon is the direct link to our emotional interaction and behavior.  All this will play an important part in the evaluation of Transiting Pluto sextile Natal Moon.


The house Pluto is in during its transit and the natal position of Pluto along with its aspects will help define how Pluto will interact with our Natal Moon.  One thing is for certain, there will be transformations and regeneration from an emotional perspective with Pluto sextile Natal Moon.


The Sextile aspect is one of opportunity.  When Pluto and the Moon form this interaction, our emotional reaction to life is subject to deep introspection and then the likelihood of change is most apparent.  There may be changes within the family unit, with the mother, and is some cases, women in general.  The home environment may go through alterations.  Perhaps we will move or make significant changes to the home we live in.  If we are still living at home with our parents, this can be the time when we move out of our family home and gain independence and a whole new perspective on life.


As mentioned, this is an opportunity aspect and under most conditions a very favourable one. However, if we sit back and do nothing to make things happen, this opportunity may pass us by with little to no effect.  We must push to make things happen although sometimes things just seem to fall into our lap.


Our emotional nature defined by the house and sign position is subject to upheaval and transformation at this time. We can be the ones orchestrating something meaningful into our lives if we choose to do so.  This is a very favourable energy and can translate into action when it comes to our mother as mentioned and women in general. Perhaps, we are the ones who help initiate the change that is required.  Perhaps we can help when help is what is needed.  This may be an emotional experience, but over time, it should work out favourably for those involved. 


Let’s use the example of the natal Moon is in the seventh house and in the sign of Aries. With this scenario, in most cases, we are the ones who arrange what unfolds within the core of our relationship with our spouse.  We like to have control and we do what needs to be done because this is what we want. We believe that we know best.  This can also be reflected in important relationships, and if, for example, the transit of Pluto were in the fifth house then this might relate to our children or a love affair. Perhaps our creative potential is now part of an ongoing process involving a business relationship.


There are many scenarios, and much will be defined by the houses involved as mentioned. Be sure to look at the natal potential when deciding what this might mean for you or for the person that you may be working with.  This is an opportunity aspect so make sure that something is done with these transformative energies and work with what is in place.



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