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The Natal Ascendant and its aspects clearly defines the way we represent ourselves especially when we first meet the general public. Much information can be gained when looking at the sign and aspects from other planets as to this angle. The transits of planets over the Natal Ascendant are quite remarkable and distinguishing. We cannot ignore the changes that take place on these occasions. Each planet will have its own definitive expressions and the outer planets carry with them the most significant emphasis on your life and behavior.

Today we are focusing on Transiting Pluto trine the Natal Ascendant.

Pluto can be quite subtle especially as it makes its way towards the Ascendant (being in the twelfth house), but as it makes contact, it becomes much clearer that changes and regeneration are at hand. Transformations are taking hold and even though a Trine aspect which is considered a favorable connection, what we experience is anything but subtle.

What needs changing will be changed and we will be forced to get to the bottom of anything that stands in the way of reform and transformation. It will take a couple of years for the whole process to unfold but it will be exactly as required.

There will not only be changes to you on a personal level and to the way you present yourself but there may be changes to your relationships, especially your partner, to your work, to the home and perhaps family as well (much will depend on the angle of the MC and its correlation to the Ascendant position).

You may change the way you look, deciding on a different haircut or color, changing your body shape, your health and how you relate to yourself. This is usually in a positive sense. Who you were and how you represented yourself will likely go through massive changes.

This is the appropriate time to make changes that are necessary, and you likely had inclinations of the need for change previously. In most cases, we generally know what to expect but may not have been totally prepared for the outcome.

Again, this is a positive time for making changes and energies may flow easily. Your honest intensions can now surface. Trines indicate positive energy flow and opportunities. It is wise to listen to messages from deep within. Delve deep into who you are and the ways you represent yourself. Focus on improving things for the greater good, for not only yourself but also for others. Avoid ego interruptions and recognize that it is time for whatever is taking place.

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Pluto trine Ascendant is a positive opportunity to make changes and energies may flow easily.
Pluto Trine Ascendant


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