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Much of what we will discuss in our Sagittarius forecast for 2023 will influence our Sagittarius readers at varying degrees. You will have to check the degrees of influence in your natal chart along with the degrees of the transiting planets to get a clear picture of whether these positions will influence your chart and when they will highlight the areas of life suggested in your chart. We will only look at the outer planetary positions because their influence is long lasting; the inner planets move quickly and have only a slighter influence compared to the outer planets.


Pluto is all about transformation and regeneration and will highlight individuals in a positive way providing opportunities and advancement with goals, life objectives, career path and changes of a personal nature especially those energies that needs revamping from an internal perspective. Pluto will be in Aquarius for many years and is currently making its final pass in the sign of Capricorn.

Pluto will move very slowly creating many occasions when you will feel its influence. This will create inner reflection, with a need to dive deep within to gain clarity, especially on the parts of yourself that could be deemed dark or undesirable. You will be asked to face the truth and although it may not be overly pleasant, now will be the time not only for reflection but for change either with or without your approval. Pluto’s action is definitive and there are no half measures. Something will end so that something new can begin.

If this timing fits your chart, it can affect not only your life’s path but also enhances your position for advancement in your career or with plans that you have been tossing around for moving ahead.

The sextile is an opportunity aspect and although life can offer up situations that are appropriate for change and transformation to take hold quite often, you will need to set the action in motion. Without a push from you to advance your cause, there is a chance that nothing will take hold. With the sextile aspect, a push from you is often a requirement for advancement.


Saturn remains in Pisces into early 2026 and during its time spent in this sign, it will be making a square to those with their Sun in the degrees associated with its placement at that time.

Sagittarius is a free roaming sign that loves adventure and exploration. It is mostly adaptable to life’s situations yet wants its freedom. With Saturn making a square to those with their Sun in Sagittarius, there may be feelings of being held back or being slowed down when it comes to the desire to move ahead in life, especially with new adventures. Saturn likes the tried and tested and is not overly interested in moving in new directions. Saturn will likely do its best to stop you from advancing into new areas.

Sagittarius does enjoy free spirit and the wide-open spaces, and Saturn, the teacher and disciplinarian, will want to teach important lessons while Sagittarius finds room to move. These lessons and teachings can be quite valuable when we look back, and over time, will create a solid foundation for the information or experiences taken. It lays the groundwork for further advancement, but you will have to work hard to advance whatever your objectives may be.

Enjoy your new solar year, Sagittarius.

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